The Conference Championships

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'll revisit this at week's end, but my pick at the top of the playoffs was chalk for the SB; Colts/Saints, and I'm still there and fairly confident.  I catch a break from a rooting standpoint; I'll be solidly in the Jets/Saints camps this weekend and as long as I get one of them (and avoid the NFL dream matchup of Manning/Favre) I'll be able to watch the Super Bowl (I'd watch regardless, but I'd rather not have to root for the Colts). 

I split against the number in both rounds of the playoffs - and split, remarkably, against the number picking every game during the regular season.  Right now...right now I'm inclined to take Colts and give the 7 1/2 and take the Vikes plus the 3 1/2.  I won't do either, as mentioned, it's error to play these games.  It's also error because (here's where I make do some actual smart guy prognostication) the numbers are both going up a half point before kick.  If you want to take the Colts, you need to get them now, today, 'cause that number's gonna be 8, maybe 8 1/2 by Sunday.  If you made me, I'd give the 7 1/2, although I'd buy a half point, but I don't want the game at 8 (that's why I'm posting this Tuesday).

I like the Saints outright, but don't want to give more than the home team field goal - so at 3 1/2 I'm taking the Vikes.  But I'll edit this come Saturday to reflect the new number (I'm talking to future me - here's where you'll put the edit Sunday morning -edit, as of midday Friday that Colts number is now 8, fortunately I'm in at 7 1/2, the Saints are still holding at 3 1/2 - I'm inclined to think the Colts are going to win...say 21-6, meaning they're still the play even if you didn't read this back on Tuesday) because it's going to 4, and I'd rather take Minnesota there.

So, there you go.  Obviously I'm going to split.  Hopefully you go against me in the right direction. (edit, hey, I won 'em both.  So there's that.  I will probably pick the Colts to win and cover 44, but I'll be rooting for the Saints).

Tendown on Sunday.  Two wrestling blogs next week - my top 100 wrestlers in the world is ready to go - and I'll do a Royal Rumble preview.  I didn't get to watch any puro in the past couple of weeks, so I'm behind; I will try to jam my way through the end of 2009 before I get too far in the weeds.

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