1st and Ten - The Weekly Tendown October 3-9 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Internet:

Would you like to own official Tendown mechandise?

Merch!  Like t-shirts and mugs and bumperstickers!  So you can represent!  Maybe calendars!

Or posters!

Tendown isn't just a quick Sunday read - now it's a lifestyle!

None of this is true.  I have no mechandise.  Who has merchandise is my Lady Type Friend.

And you should buy some.

Here's Tendown 47

First: You Know Something I Don't Know

Most of the Tendown readers pick this up over the course of the week; that means you know something I don't - as Game 3 of the NLDS, the first pitch of which is 5 and a half hours from the time of this writing, has ended in your world.

Sort of a big week.  Tim Lincecum threw one of the great games in postseason history in Game One, 2 hits and 14 strikeouts.  And we took a 4-0 lead deep into Game 2, which we frittered away in a typicially torturous SFG postseason performance.  Our last 4 playoff games were decided by one run, and 3 of those games were losses (two of which I attended).  In one of my forecast posts, I noted our tremendous success in games in which we've homered this year, and our being the best team in baseball when we score 3 runs - so the early 3 run homer by Burrell certainly looked for all the world like we were taking a 2-0 lead into Atlanta today.

But that wouldn't be Giants baseball.

Sanchez/Hudson today, and the slight lean goes to the bad guys.  Hudson's all ground balls, we led the league in hitting into double plays this season; the closest comparable to Hudson's style is Lowe, and we couldn't touch him in Game one.  Sanchez needs to stay near the plate, his pitch count can get away from him quickly, and it would be good to avoid a deep bullpen game.  A loss doesn't end our season; I forecasted we'd win the series in 5, and the scenario where we bring back Lincecum on 3 days rest down 2-1 to force a game 5 seemed a not unlikely occurrence.

I think we're going to win this series, and think so with the same level of strength as did I before game one.

Even if, as you're reading this, we lose(lost) on Sunday; I still think we're going to win this series.  Although I'm not looking forward to white knuckling both a game 4 and a game 5.

If we lost the series I was wrong.

But you should still buy some merchandise.

After the jump, the rest of the Tendown.  It's an 8Down this week.  I'm going to my mom's to watch the game.  A game to which you know the result.  People in the future!  People in the future - tell me of your many wisdoms and lottery numbers!

Edit - Make that 5 straight one run games.

Did anyone else know it was allowed for SFG to win a playoff game like that?  Someone really should have mentioned that before.

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