60 Games In - 2017 MLB All Star Teams

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Here is the second build of my selections for the 2017 MLB All Star Teams.

I do this exercise each year at the 40, 60, and finally the 80 game mark, full 34 man all star rosters for both leagues.  Each team represented, 21 position players, 13 pitchers.  Edit, there are only 32 players on each roster in 2017, I'll make that change at the 80 game update.

I'm only interested in this season's play, it's an evaluation of the best players so far in 2016. WAR is B-Ref+Davenport, the best WAR number that exists.

I also do this opportunity to make updated predictions.  These are they.

AL East
1. NYY 87
2. Boston 87 WC1
3. Baltimore 
4. Tampa 
5. Toronto 

AL Central
1. Cleveland 89
2. Minnesota 82
3. Detroit 
4. Chicago
5. KC

AL West
1. Houston 102
2. Seattle 84 WC2
3. Texas
4. LAA
5. Oakland 

NL East
1. Washington 95
2. NYM 
3. Miami
4. Atlanta
5. Philadelphia

NL Central
1. Chicago 89
2. Milwaukee 82 
3. St Louis 
4. Pittsburgh
5. St Louis

NL West
1. LAD 95
2. Colorado 88 WC1
3. Arizona 87 WC2
4. SFG 76
5. San Diego

American League
C A.Avila Det 1.9
1B Y.Alonso Oak 1.75
2B J.Altuve Hou 2.35
SS C.Correa Hou 2.55
3B M.Sano Min 1.95
LF B.Gardner NYY 2.1
CF M.Trout LAA 3.7 
RF A.Judge NYY 3.35
DH C.Dickerson TB 2.55
SP D.Keuchel Hou 3.35

C B. McCann Hou 1.3
1B J.Smoak Tor 1.55
2B R.Cano Sea 1.85
SS E.Andrus Tex 2.45 
SS F.Lindor Cle 1.6
3B E.Longoria TB 1.55
OF M.Gonzalez Hou 1.85
OF J.Upton Det 1.8
OF A.Hicks NYY 2.4
OF G.Springer Hou 2.3
OF A.Garcia CWS 2.4
OF M.Betts Bos 2

P J.Vargas KC 3.05
P D.Bundy Bal 2.7
P E.Santana Min 2.6
P C.Sale Bos 2.5
P M.Stroman Tor 2.35
P M.Fullmer Det 2.3
P Y.Darvish Tex 2.1
P C.Carrasco Cle 2.05
P J.Paxton Sea 2

RP C.Kimbrel Bos 2.3
RP A.Miller Cle 1.7
RP D.Betances NYY 1.5

National League
C B.Posey SFG 2.6
1B P,Goldschmidt Ari 2.95
2B J.Harrison Pit 1.95
SS Z.Cozart Cin 4
3B N.Arenado Col 2.65
LF M.Ozuna Mia 3
CF C.Blackmon Col 2.2
RF B.Harper Wash 2.45
DH J.Votto Cin 2.8
SP M.Leake StL 2.9

C Y.Grandal LAD 1.75
1B F.Freeman Atl 2.7
1B R.Zimmerman Wash 2.6
2B D.Murphy Wash 1.8
SS C.Seager LAD 1.8
3B A.Rendon Wash 2.3
3B E.Suarez Cin 2.5
3B J.Gyorko StL 2.4
3B K.Bryant Chi 2.4
OF M.Conforto NYM 2.8
OF E.Inciarte Atl 2
OF G.Stanton Mia 2

P M.Scherzer Wash 2.85
P C.Kershaw LAD 2.75
P R.Ray Ari 2.65
P I.Nova Pit 2.35
P S.Strasburg Wash 2.2
P Z.Greinke Ari 2.2
P A.Senzatela Col 1.95
P C.Anderson Mil 1.9

RP G.Holland Col 1.7
RP R.Iglesias Cin 1.7
RP B.Hand SD 1.5
RP P.Neshek Phi 1.15

June 7 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History.


What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 June 7 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1967 at Cincinnati, 7 games over .500, 5 games out of first, 3-3 in the 9th (McCovey tied it with a 3 run homer in the 8th) Tom Haller singles home Hal Lanier off of Bob Lee, we hold on to that 4-3 win.  It's Haller's 4th and final season as the Giants starting catcher (he backed up the three seasons prior) we trade him to the Dodgers in the offseason for Ron Hunt.  It was the first Giants/Dodgers trade since the move west (only two other ones, the Maldonado trade in '85 and then we gave them Mark Sweeney in '07).

1979 at St Louis, 7 games out of first, we were down 9-5 in the 8th, but scored 4 and now with 2 on and 2 out in the 9th and the game tied at 9, Mike Ivie hit a 3 run homer off of Mark Littell.  We'd win the game 12-10.  It's Ivie's career year, 27 homers, an OPS+ of 152 (Ivie's glove was pretty bad, he gave back a lot of his offense on the other side).  It's Ivie's 43rd career homer.

1994 at Pittsburgh, 2 games out of first in the season that stopped but never ended, 2-2 in the 10th, Matt Williams leads off with a homer off Rick White.  We win it 3-2. It was Williams' 21st homer in 58 games.

1995 at Mets, Giants up half a game in the West, down 7-6 with 2 out and the bases loaded in the 8th, Eric Gunderson pitching to...Barry Bonds...he clears the bases with a 3 run double, we hold on to win 9-8.  Just a standard 170 OPS+ 8 WAR season for Bonds in '95.  It's his 10th best Giants season.

Walk off 2014 home vs. Mets, the Giants are 20 over .500 with a 9 game lead in the West, we play a 3 and a half hour Saturday night game against the Mets, 4-4 in the 9th, Mike Morse singles home Hunter Pence off of Jenrry Mejia to send everyone home.  It's our fourth walk off hit of the year,

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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