The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round One, Group 8)

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Last group

8. 1948 Indians (won WS)
121. 1963 Yankees (lost WS)

-The Yankees are in every single game in this last group; they've got 17 teams moving on to the Round of 64 so far. This is it for Cleveland - they've got 5 teams moving on.  The Tribe has a half dozen Hall of Famers, this club is led by a 30 year old Lou Boudreau, a 31 year old Ken Keltner, and a 33 year old Joe Gordon.  Mantle (31) and Maris (28) pace the Bombers.  

C Yankees-Howard
1B Yankees-Pepitone
2B Indians-Gordon
SS Indians-Boudreau
3B Indians-Keltner
LF Indians-Mitchell
CF Indians-Doby
RF Yankees-Maris
SP1 Indians-Lemon
SP2 Push
SP3 Indians-Bearden
Cl Yankees-Reniff
Double: Bat WAR Indians
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Indians 9 Yankees 6 - it's Cleveland, better bats and they won the pitching matchups - a half dozen Indians clubs will compete in the next round.  

57. 1950 Yankees (won WS)
72. 1987 Blue Jays (2nd in AL East)

-The Yankees try again to get that 18th team to move forward; this team is DiMaggio (35) and Berra (25).  Two Jays teams are headed to the next round; this is their last chance for a third, they've got the all 27 year old OF - Bell, Moseby, Barfield. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Jays-Upshaw
2B Yankees-Coleman
SS Yankees-Rizzuto
3B Jays-Gruber
LF Jays-Bell
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Jays-Barfield
DH Yankees-Mize
SP1 Jays-Key
SP2 Jays-Clancy
SP3 Yankees-Lopat
Cl Jays-Henke
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Jays

Jays 9 Yankees 8 - Toronto's pitching advantage carries the day here; the Yankees bid to add team 18 is thwarted again.

25. 1931 Yankees (2nd in AL)
104. 2018 Red Sox (Won WS)

-Can I interest you in some Yankees/Sox before we finish off round 1?  How about 4 of them?  We're gonna flood the earth with Yanks/Sox before we finish cutting to 64.  The Yankees have 9 - 9 Hall of Famers on this club. The Babe's 36, Gehrig is 28, Dickey is 24.  Boston's got a 25 year old Mookie Betts and a 29 year old Chris Sale.  

C Yankees-Dickey
1B Yankees-Gehrig
2B Yankees-Lazzeri
SS Sox-Bogaerts
3B Yankees-Sewell
LF Yankees-Chapman
CF Yankees-Combs
RF Sox-Betts
DH Sox-Martinez
SP1 Yankees-Gomez
SP2 Sox-Price
SP3 Sox-Sale
Cl Sox-Kimbrel
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Sox

Yankees 9 Sox 8 - man, that was fun, New York had an enormous hitting advantage, Boston had an enormous pitching advantage - in the end, the Yankees were just enough to advance.

40. 1970 Orioles (won WS)
89. 1958 Yankees (won WS)

Do I hear 19?  Will we get 19 Yankee teams in the Round of 64?  This Baltimore's last round one entrant - they've got 5 moving on.  Brooks is 33, Frank's 34 and Palmer's 24 for Baltimore. For New York - Mantle's 26, Whitey's 29 and Yogi's 33. 

C Yankees-Berra
1B Orioles-Powell
2B Orioles-Johnson
SS Yankees-Kubek
3B Yankees-Carey
LF Yankees-Siebern
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Orioles-Robinson
SP1 Orioles-Palmer
SP2 Yankees-Ford
SP3 Orioles-McNally
Cl Yankees-Duren
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Orioles

Yankees 9 Orioles 7 - well, there's 19, Baltimore had a sizeable pitching edge, but the Yanks were able to split the individual pitching matchups - that plus the bats gets them home.

9. 1998 Yankees (won WS)
120. 2016 Red Sox (lost ALDS)

-can I hear 20?  Are a third of the remaining AL teams going to be Yankees? Boston's got 4 squads moving on.  New York's led by a 24 year old Jeter, a 29 year old Bernie Williams.  Boston's got a 24 year old Mookie Betts and a 40 year old David Ortiz.

C Yankees-Posada
1B Yankees-Martinez
2B Sox-Pedroia
SS Yankees-Jeter
3B Yankees-Brosius
LF Yankees-Curtis
CF Yankees-Williams
RF Sox-Betts
DH Sox-Ortiz
SP1 Sox-Price
SP2 Sox-Porcello
SP3 Yankees-Cone
Cl Yankees-Rivera
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 12 Sox 5 - that Sox club is pretty good, most of these matchups were tight - but the Yankees take the sizeable majority of them and gives that organization 20 representatives in the Field of 64. 

56. 1923 Yankees (won WS) 
73. 1901 White Sox (1st in AL)

-Last chance to see another south side team in the field, 2 White Sox clubs are moving on, New York has 20.  Which seems like a lot.  A 28 year old Babe Ruth carries this Yankee team; Chicago's got a 31 year old Clark Griffith.  

C White Sox-Sullivan
1B Yankees-Pipp
2B Yankees-Ward
SS White Sox-Shugart
3B White Sox-Hartman
LF White Sox-McFarland
CF White Sox-Hoy
RF Yankees-Ruth
SP1 Yankees-Bush
SP2 White Sox-Griffith
SP3 White Sox-Callahan
Cl White Sox-Piatt
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Yankees

Yankees 9 White Sox 8 - well, here's a thing - Chicago dominates the matchups, they have more good players than New York does - but the Yankees win the totals and then take the tiebreaker, because the good players they have are really - really good.  Ruth, by himself, had more than half the WAR of the entire White Sox offense; that brings New York win #21.

24. 1903 Red Sox (Americans) (Won WS)
105. 1941 Yankees (Won WS)

New York's already won two matchups against Boston in this last group - will this be Yankee team 22 to move forward?  The Sox have a 36 year old Cy Young; New York has a 26 year old Joe DiMaggio.

C Yankees-Dickey
1B Sox-LaChance
2B Yankees-Gordon
SS Sox-Parent
3B Sox-Collins
LF Yankees-Keller
CF Yankees-DiMaggio
RF Push
SP1 Sox-Young
SP2 Sox-Dinneen
SP3 Sox-Hughes
Cl Yankees-Murphy
Double: Bat WAR Yankees
Double: Pit WAR Sox

Sox 8 Yankees 7 - the key here is Buck Freeman's earning a push with Tommy Henrich; swing that for the Yankees and New York walks away with this one.  

41. 1957 Yankees (lost WS)
88. 2013 Red Sox (won WS)

Last game!  Last game of the Round of 128 for the AL; after this, we've hit just 64 American League teams remaining in the greatest baseball tournament ever.  Mantle's 25 and Yogi's 32 for New York; Pedroia's 29 and Ortiz is 37 for the Sox.  Last game!!

C Yankees-Berra
1B Sox-Napoli
2B Sox-Pedroia
SS Yankees-McDougald
3B Yankees-Carey
LF Sox-Gomes
CF Yankees-Mantle
RF Sox-Victorino
DH Sox-Ortiz
SP1 Yankees-Sturdivant
SP2 Sox-Lackey
SP3 Yankees-Turley
Cl Sox-Uehara
Double: Bat WAR Sox
Double: Pit WAR Sox

Sox 11 Yankees 6 - super tight through the matchups; both totals were also tight - but Boston wins them both and nabs the last two spots in the next round.

That's it - that's the Round of 128. 

64 Teams remain in the American League.  

Group 1

1. 1939 Yankees (World Champions)
65. 1915 Tigers  (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

97. 1969 Twins (lost ALCS)
96. 1977 Yankees (World Champions)

16. 1936 Yankees (World Champions)
80. 2011 Yankees (lost ALDS)

112. 1978 Yankees (World Champions)
48. 1973 Orioles (lost ALCS)

Group 2

2. 1927 Yankees (World Champions)
63. 2007 Red Sox (World Champions)

98. 1950 Red Sox (3rd in AL-no playoffs)
95. 2013 Tigers (lost ALCS)

15. 1937 Yankees (World Champions)
70. 2002 Red Sox (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)

111. 2011 Rangers (lost WS)
47. 1922 Browns (Orioles) (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

Group 3

3. 1942 Yankees (lost WS)
67. 1979 Orioles (lost WS)

30. 1932 Yankees (World Champions)
94. 1942 Red Sox (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

14. 1929 A's (World Champions)
78. 1921 Indians (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

110. 1934 Yankees (2nd in AL-no playoffs)
83. 1985 Blue Jays (lost ALCS)

Group 4

125. 2003 Mariners (2nd in AL West-no playoffs)
61. 2002 Angels (World Champions) 

100. 1905 A's (lost WS)
93. 2017 Astros (World Champions)

116. 1963 White Sox (2nd in AL - no playoffs)
77. 1949 Yankees (World Champions)

20. 1917 White Sox (World Champions)
45. 1909 Tigers (lost WS)

Group 5

5. 2018 Astros (lost ALCS)
69. 1997 Yankees (World Champions)

28. 1995 Indians (lost WS)
37. 1938 Yankees (World Champions)

117. 1980 Orioles (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)
53. 1921 Yankees (lost WS)

108. 1964 Yankees (lost WS)
44. 1934 Tigers (lost WS)

Group 6

123. 1974 A's (World Champions)
59. 2015 Blue Jays (lost ALCS)

27. 1947 Yankees (World Champions)
91. 1990 A's (lost WS)

11. 1969 Orioles (lost WS)
75. 1984 Tigers (won WS)

22. 1998 Astros (lost NLDS)
43. 1928 A's (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

Group 7

7. 1954 Indians (lost WS)
71. 1975 A's (lost ALCS)

26. 1971 Orioles (lost WS)
90. 2018 Indians (lost ALDS)

10. 1909 A's (2nd in AL-no playoffs)
55. 1920 Indians (World Champions)

106. 1985 Yankees (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)
87. 1961 Tigers (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

Group 8

8. 1948 Indians (World Champions)
72. 1987 Blue Jays (2nd in AL East-no playoffs)

25. 1931 Yankees (2nd in AL-no playoffs)
89. 1958 Yankees (World Champions)

9. 1998 Yankees (World Champions)
56. 1923 Yankees (World Champions)

24. 1903 Red Sox (Americans) (World Champions)
88. 2013 Red Sox (World Champions)

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