The Occasional Tendown: February 3, 2013: SuperBowl Down: Tendown 150

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dear Internet...

Tendown 100, where you can find links to each of the first 100 Tensdown, is here.

It just sort of worked out that I've hit Tendown 150, which, if you've been with me awhile, you know is entirely going to be links to the previous 49 pieces, on the day of Super Bowl 47, San Francisco's return to the Super Bowl after 18 years; I will spend the day nervously eating and watching pregame on five different stations.  I'm listening to Ronnie Lott from KNBR Friday morning right now, "what would you be willing to do to get six?"  "Everybody in that organization, it's about war.  If you don't feel that way, don't bother showing up." 'I wanted to kill Marcus Allen because I loved him so much."

Ronnie Lott brings it.  Some Sundays, so do I.  Here are the links along with some random art.

101.   Steroid talk. This line: Diet Pepsi sure has great fizz
Why'd that coach have to rape them kids? Aaron wins BBUK.

102. Almost entirely about economic inequality.  

103. Do you remember the pepper spraying cop tumblr?  

104. Religious people trust atheists about as much as rapists.

105. I'm off someplace not getting a job.  

106. I've been to Giant Johnson's Food in Gadsden, Alabama.  The worst Christmas song ever.  I want Peyton Manning to be a 49er.  

107.  The "Jesus is helping Tebow" crowd goes weirdly quiet.  The NRA says "happy holidays".  

108.  Cee Lo Green changes the lyrics to "Imagine"  I finally discover Billy Eichner.  I list the top 5 Williams of all time.  

109.  What will become the best year of my life begins.  I take some shots at Rick Santorum and worry that Keith Olbermann is going to lose his Current gig.  

110. The Niners are going to the NFC Chanmpionship.  

111. I pick against us in the title game.  Newt calls Obama the "food stamp president."

112.  We should have won that title game.  Gingrich starts campaigning on the success of the 1990s economy.'

113.  I get the Super Bowl wrong.  I'd like an In Memorium youtube channel.

114.  The Newt or Schrute game.

115. The definition of a sandwich.  Freddie Solomon and Gary Carter both die.

116.  Oscar picks and Rick Santorum

117.  Don't talk about birth control or Rush Limbaugh will call you a slut.  Paul Azinger doesn't believe in evolution.  Income inequality.

118.  Why are girls in western New York twitching.

119. A law firm fires employees for wearing orange.  Transvaginal comics.  Theocracy jewelry.

120.  The Reason Rally. Mad Men returns.

121.  I coin the term Keiblered. 

122.  Easter.  That means I talk about Christians.  

123.  More jobs I didn't get.  A woman gets a giant Gary Peyton tattoo.

124.  A lot of Giants talk.  Judge Reinhold plays for the Bulls.

125.  I hate the Niners AJ Jenkins pick. The right tries to suppress the vote.  Don Draper goes to Howard Johnsons

126.  I lock myself in the garage.

127.  I get an IPhone.  You can get a free book about the Constitution.  I get a new job.  Whew.

128.  Charlize Theron didn't have teeth until she was 11 years old.

129.  I turn 500 months old.  Danielson/Punk have the best WWE match in years.  

130.  Romney's campaign misspells America.  I suggest reverse telemarketing: "Hi, I'm Jim.  Here's my debit card, can you make a recurring charge every month while I eat some of your leftover feta?" Obama's kill list.
That's Meadow Soprano engaged to Lenny Dykstra's kid.  

131.  Lonely Virgil. Ricotta isn't a cheese.  You should watch the film Submarine.

132.  Matt Cain's perfect game on my last day at the old job.

133.  I'm at the Whole Foods in Phoenix.

134.  Health care reform is found Constitutional. The right wing hilariously freaks out.

135.  I'm in Salt Lake City. Don't eat at La Fogata in Wellington, Florida.

 136. The best all star game in Giants history. I compare dream teams.  The Aurora shooting.

137.  Tendown goes every other week. The Octomom and Chik Fil A.  Rules for mixing religion and politics.  British health care makes the opening ceremonies.

138.  Hitler wine.  Why the Pussy Riot went to jail.  Paul Ryan.  I start writing at the other place.

139.  Corporate profits after tax. Dan Gheesling's BB funeral.

140.  Jay-Z on the 4th Amendment.  Joe Niekro is still dead.  Amy and Will are divorcing.
141.  I get married.  Romney's 47% Soliloquy. The 67 Worst Sports Twitter Account. The Giants win the West.

142.  The NLDS. I ask Scalia a question. Steroids.  Evolution.

143.  The Giants win the pennant.  X Factor preliminary rounds:  Please don't make me go back to America.  I sell stamps in one of our decaying cities.  Let me stay forever in your beautiful country of X Factor. I vote for Obama again.  More hilarious right wing tweets.  21st century feudalism.

144.  The Giants win the Series. Obama wins the election. I move.  

145.  Climate.  The right doesn't understand the income tax.  The Perimeter of Ignorance. I'm a Paul Heyman guy.

146.  Costas discussed gun control.  Steroids.  Micro-militarism. Kobashi retires.  Beekmans win the Race.

147.  I win a little money. Moonrise Kingdom.  San Francisco is the sports city of the year.  The least valuable constitutional amendment=the second.  The huskier children should have stopped the elementary school shooting. 

148.  There is no disagreement about climate change.  Does lead cause crime? Who won 2012?

149.  Lance Armstrong and Manti Te'o. Pete Rose lies. I pick the Niners to win the NFC.  

The red states are rooting for the Niners.  

That's all for this time.  I'll see you next time.  If there is a next time. 

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