May 3 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


What is this all about?

Here are the top 5 May 3 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1968 home vs Cardinals, how about this - Giants down 4-2 in the 9th, 2 on, 2 out, Steve Carlton vs. Willie McCovey - McCovey singles to score both runs and tie the game...

Walk off 1968 home vs. Cardinals...same batter, following a McCovey steal of second, Willie Mays singles him home to win the game.  Mays was a 6 and a half win player in '68 which only gave him his 14th best ever season.

Walk off 2009 home vs Rockies, scoreless, bottom of the tenth, Rich Aurilia singles home Steve Holm (SteveHolm!) off of Manny Corpas to win it for the good guys.  This is it for the 37 year old Aurilia, he retires at season's end.

2011 at Mets, tied at 6 in the 9th, Aubrey Huff (in an 0-20 slump) leads off with a homer off Taylor Buchholz, that's the final run of a 7-6 win.  Huff's career year was the season before in helping the Giants win their first San Francisco World Series, this was the hangover year, he was hitting .183 on this date and was out of the league after the following season.

Walk off 2013 home vs Dodgers, this was a Kershaw game so the Giants only had one run headed to the bottom of the 9th, fortunately, LA had the same, Buster Posey, who was responsible for the first run, led off with a game winning homer off Ronald Belisario.  Through 2016, this was Posey's fifth best season.  Posey's got 37 WAR and a 136 OPS+ through 2016.  He's 30, he's got 3700 plate appearances.  That's about half of Johnny Bench's career WAR in fewer than half of Bench's career plate appearances.  If the back half of Posey's career equals his front half, he'll be the greatest catcher in baseball history.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

2017 at Dodgers, 1-1 in the 11th, Jeff Samardzija struck out 11 in 8 innings, allowing only 3 hits on a night where the Dodgers paid tribute to the retired Vin Scully, but we left the bases loaded in the 10th inning and got to the 11th tied at 1.  Gorkys Hernandez laced a double to left, scoring Joe Panik, we added two more and won the game 2-1.  Hernandez has a career OBP of .265, making him an unorthodox (brutal) choice as a leadoff hitter for a team that at this date had the worst run differential in all of baseball. This was the Giants first road series victory of the season.  

See you today (well, not really, because it's an off day) Go Giants!

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