The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 4)

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Last group was here.

4. 1944 Cardinals (Won WS) 
125. 1898 Braves (Beaneaters) (1st)

-the '43 Cards have already advanced, none of the 19th century teams have made it to the next round. 23 year old Stan Musial leads St Louis; the future Braves have a 28 year old Kid Nichols.

C Cards-Cooper
1B Cards-Sanders
2B Braves-Lowe
SS Cards-Marion
3B Braves-Collins
LF Braves-Duffy
CF Cards-Hopp
RF Cards-Musial
SP1 Braves-Nichols
SP2 Braves-Lewis
SP3 Braves-Willis
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Cards
Double: Pit WAR Cards

Cards 9 Braves 6 -By virtue of that starting pitching sweep, the Braves won the matchups, but lost both of the overall totals and wound up getting knocked from the tournament.

61. 1929 Cubs (Lost WS)
68. 1903 Giants (2nd in NL)

-Two turn of the century Cubs teams have moved to the next round; two turn of the century Giants teams have joined them.  This should be competitive.  The Cubs team has a 33 year old Rogers Hornsby, a 29 year old Hack Wilson, a 28 year old Gabby Hartnett.  For the Giants, it's a 22 year old Mathewson and a 32 year old Joe McGinnity. 

C Giants-Warner
1B Giants-McGann
2B Cubs-Hornsby
SS Cubs-English
3B Cubs-McMillan
LF Cubs-Stephenson
CF Cubs-Wilson
RF Cubs-Cuyler
SP1 Giants-McGinnity
SP2 Giants-Mathewson
SP3 Cubs-Malone
Cl Giants-Miller
Double: Bat WAR Cubs
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Cubs 9 Giants 7 - That enormous Cubs run right through the heart of the lineup really put the game out of reach.  

29. 1993 Braves (lost NLCS)
100. 1908 Pirates (2nd in NL)

-two Braves teams from the 90s are already in the Field of 64; two of those 19-aughts Pirates teams have joined them - that makes for a nice matchup here.  You know the Braves - Maddux (27) Smoltz (26) Glavine (27).  The Pirates have a 34 year old Honus Wagner and a 35 year old Fred Clarke.

C Pirates-Gibson
1B Braves-Bream
2B Pirates-Abbaticchio
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Pirates-Leach
LF Push
CF Push
RF Braves-Justice
SP1 Braves-Maddux
SP2 Braves-Smoltz
SP3 Braves-Glavine
Cl Pirates-Young
Double: Bat WAR Braves
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 9 Pirates 5 - Dead even until we got the overall totals, despite Pittsburgh's position player advantage during the matchups, the Braves still added the overall hitting to their clear pitching win to advance. 

36. 1949 Dodgers (lost WS)
93. 1910 Giants (2nd in NL)

-5 Dodger squads have already advanced into the Field of 64, their longtime rivals haven't been as fortunate, only 2 Giants clubs have thusfar moved forward.  Jackie and Pee Wee are both 30, Duke Snider is 22, Campanella and Furillo are both 27.  For the Giants - it's Mathewson again, now at age 29. 

C Dodgers-Campanella
1B Dodgers-Hodges
2B Dodgers-Robinson
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Giants-Devlin
LF Dodgers-Hermanski
CF Dodgers-Snider
RF Dodgers-Furillo
SP1 Giants-Mathewson
SP2 Dodgers-Roe
SP3 Giants-Drucke
Cl Giants-Crandall
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Dodgers 10 Giants 6 - the bats were just too much, both in the position player matchups and then overall, and the Dodgers move on.  

13. 1942 Dodgers (2nd in NL)
116. 1888 Browns (Cardinals) (Lost WS)

-The Dodgers just pushed their 7th team through to the next round, zero 19th century teams have advanced - this sure looks like a mismatch.  Pee Wee is 23 and he's with the pre-Jackie Dodgers (Dolph Camilli's 35, Billy Herman's 32). The future Cardinals have a 28 year old Charlie Comiskey and a 20 year old Silver King.

C Dodgers-Owen
1B Dodgers-Camilli
2B Browns-Robinson
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Browns-Latham
LF Browns-O'Neill
CF Dodgers-Reiser
RF Browns-McCarthy
SP1 Browns-King
SP2 Browns-Hudson
SP3 Dodgers-Davis
Cl Dodgers-Casey
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Browns

Dodgers 9 Browns 8 - well, it took a tiebreak, but the Dodgers bat advantage was greater than their mound deficit and an 8th Dodgers squad makes the field of 64.

52. 1921 Giants (won WS)
77. 1999 Braves (lost WS)

-The '93, '97, '98 Braves have already advanced, can they make it a quartet against a Giants franchise really struggling to move teams into the next round. Frankie Frisch is 23, Dave Bancroft is 30 for the Giants. For the Braves - Andruw Jones is 22, Chipper 27, and then the arms - Smoltz 32, Glavine and Maddux 33.

C Giants-Snyder
1B Giants-Kelly
2B Braves-Boone
SS Giants-Bancroft
3B Giants-Frisch
LF Giants-Burns
CF Braves-Jones
RF Giants-Youngs
SP1 Braves-Glavine
SP2 Braves-Millwood
SP3 Braves-Maddux
Cl Braves-Rocker
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 9 Giants 8 - another tiebreak, the Braves substantial pitching edge was the slightest bit more substantial than the Giants substantial pitching edge.

20. 1953 Dodgers (lost WS)
109. 1882 Cubs (White Stockings) (1st)

The Dodgers have 8 teams in the field of 64; no 19th century teams have advanced.  This should follow suit.  Jackie and Pee Wee are 34, Campy 31 and the Duke is 26.  King Kelly (24) and Cap Anson (30) for the future Cubs.

C Dodgers-Campanella
1B Push
2B Dodgers-Gilliam
SS Dodgers-Reese
3B Cubs-Williamson
LF Dodgers-Robinson
CF Dodgers-Snider
RF Dodgers-Furillo
SP1 Push
SP2 Cubs-Corcoran
SP3 Cubs-Williamson
Cl Dodgers-Hughes
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 11 Cubs 3 - sure, had I to do it again, I'd leave the 19th century teams at home, live and learn.  

45. 1913 Giants (lost WS)
84. 1972 Reds (lost WS)

-the Giants have struggled to get through to the next round, two of the Reds teams from the 70s have already advanced.  It's Matthewson for the Giants, he's 32.  For the Reds - Morgan (28) Bench (24) Rose (31) Perez (30)

C Reds-Bench
1B Reds-Bench
2B Reds-Morgan
SS Giants-Fletcher
3B Reds-Menke
LF Reds-Rose
CF Reds-Tolan
RF Giants-Murray
SP1 Giants-Mathewson
SP2 Giants-Marquard
SP3 Giants-Tesreau
Cl Reds-Carroll
Double: Bat WAR Reds
Double: Pit WAR Giants

Reds 9 Giants 7 - if Clay Carroll doesn't win that closers matchup then it is deadlocked and, without fully doing the math, that tiebreak would have been very, very close - but we didn't get there, the Reds bats carry the day and they advance.

Here's the next round:

1944 Cards
1929 Cubs

1993 Braves
1949 Dodgers

1942 Dodgers
1999 Braves

1953 Dodgers
1972 Reds

That's half of the first round down.  When we come back it's with the AL, Group 5 - led by the 2018 Houston Astros.  

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