My 2018 MLB Hall of Fame Ballot

Monday, November 20, 2017

You can pick 10, I'll be doing that.

Obviously.  It's not a Hall of Fame without them.  I do not respect any ballot without both.  Inner circle Hall of Famers, there isn't a circle of all time players so small as to not include both.

None are borderline guys, these are all solid Hall of Famers who I'd absolutely vote for.  That's 10, that's the full list.

Andruw Jones
If I had space, I'd be inclined to vote for these guys, but I'd revisit if the circumstances ever permit their consideration.

This is close, if right now I had to decide forever up or down - I'd vote for both; it seems unlikely I'll ever have a ballot where I don't think 10 guys are better, so I'll never have to decide for sure.

Survivor Series 2017 is Sunday (plus every Survivor Series match ever ranked)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Survivor Series 2017 is Sunday from Houston.  Here's the preview.

Universal Champion Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles

Team Raw (Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, and Triple H) vs. Team SmackDown (Shane McMahon, Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, and John Cena)

Raw Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Sheamus vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Usos (Jey and Jimmy Uso)

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins) vs. The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods)

Intercontinental Champion The Miz (with Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas) vs. United States Champion Baron Corbin

Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss vs. SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair

Team Raw (Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Asuka, Sasha Banks, and Bayley) vs. Team SmackDown (Becky Lynch, Carmella, Naomi, Tamina and TBA) (with Lana)

This isn't a bad show. 

That Champion vs. Champion match is the real key to what kind of a wrestling show this is going to be; if Brock is ever going to be motivated again to give an A+ performance, it's here. Lesnar hasn't done much at all bell-to-bell in the past year, year and a half, including against Samoa Joe, which was one of the big in ring disappointments given how good the build was and the theoretical quality of the matchup.  Here, he meets AJ, who has demonstrated the ability to have really good matches with a variety of opponents, and if this show has a chance to be one of the better Survivor Series events ever, it needs a strong match here.

AJ is the lineal WWF Champ (his second reign), he took from Jinder Mahal (inarguably one of the very worst wrestlers ever to hold this belt) on a recent Smackdown. Mahal had held the belt since May (took from Orton) the switch to Styles was a surprise and has the smell of a move just to get a more appealing matchup for this show, given that the build for Mahal/Lesnar was already well underway. 

Brock has the RAW belt that was created after the most recent attempt to distinguish the RAW and Smackdown "brands" (WWE corporate speak is a not insignificant cause of its bleeding away"WWEUniverse").  He took from Goldberg at Mania and has rolled on through (despite the aforementioned lack of good matches).  He'll keep that belt here, this match is non title, there's not any possibility that Brock loses, either they do a non finish or Brock goes over (perhaps via Mahal chicanery setting up the Mahal/Styles rematch).

It's easily the match with the highest variance (could be a 5 minute Lesnar squash; could be a 4 star banger) and the most interesting match of the night. 

Here's the main event, the traditional Survivor Series elimination match, the conceit here is RAW wrestlers (led by their GM, Kurt Angle) are taking on Smackdown wrestlers (led by their GM, Shane McMahon). Last year's big elimination match went nearly an hour, was 4 stars and I've got it ranked as the third best match in the history of this event.  My guess is this will be similarly structured and also very good - Shinsuke Nakamura, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe all make their Survivor Series debuts in this one.  It's Angle's first major WWE PPV match in over a decade.  I'd guess they screwjob this finish (increasing likelihood Brock beats Styles clean) with Angle's "son" Jason Jordan who was removed from Team RAW in the go home in favor of HHH screwing over the RAW side.  The stip is that would cause Angle to lose his job.  I'd expect that leads to a HHH beating of Jordan which leads to an Angle/HHH match which leads to an Angle/Jordan match.  It looked like Zayn/Owens being left off the team might lead to an angle - and it still might, but they've been de-emphasized a little bit and perhaps, if they play a role at all in the show, it's in one of the tag matches.

Both pairs of tag champs meet in a non-title match that should be very good; Cesaro is maybe the best worker in the company, he and Sheamus are a solid team - and the Usos are the most consistently good tag act in the promotion in years.  Cesaro/Sheamus have the RAW belt (which was launched as the Smackdown belt back in '02). They're on their 3rd run with these belts in the last year.  The Usos belts are even newer, the Smackdown belts, like Brock's Universal Championship, were created last year when the "brands split".  The Usos are also on their 3rd run with these belts.

If you're wondering where the lineal WWF belts are - the Hart Foundation's belts?  The British Bulldogs belts?  Decomissioned.  'Cause why have a title lineage when instead you can have titles that are three minutes old.  Did somebody say, 3 minutes????? (speaking of tag teams).

I'd assume the Usos go over here. 

Here's another match that should be really good (see what I'm saying - this is a good card) it's the reunited Shield (from RAW) meeting the New Day; there's not really an issue other than the teams are on separate shows, but that's fine - make it no DQ, let them brawl, Shield goes over, maybe we see Owens and Zayn here. 

This is not a very good match; the Miz (from RAW, he has the IC belt) is okay, Corbin (from Smackdown, he's the US Champ) a little less than that.  Miz is on (believe it or not) his 7th IC reign, he took from Ambrose over the summer. Corbin's got the US Title, which claims the lineage of the US Title used by the NWA and WCW - it came over with Booker when WWF bought WCW. Corbin took from AJ over the summer.  I'd guess Miz wins here, he's easily the more over of the two acts. 

The two women's champions - Alexa from RAW and Charlotte from Smackdown meet.

And there's also a women's elimination match. 

In the pre-show, Kalisto (who is good) challenges Enzo (who is not) for the Cruiserweight title. 

So - look, both tag matches should be good, that men's elimination should be good - and if Lesnar can't have a good match with AJ his good matches may be over.  That's a good show. 

Here is every match in Survivor Series history ranked.  The match times are rounded and they are followed by my star ratings for all of the 3 stars and up matches. 

1.      (96) Bret Hart d. Steve Austin 28:30 4 ¾

2.      (92) WWF Title: Bret Hart d. Shawn Michaels 26 min 4 ¼

3.      (16) A.J. Styles & Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt & Shane McMahon d. Kevin Owens & Chris Jericho & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns & Braun Strowman 53 min 4 

4.      (95) WWF Title Bret Hart d. Diesel 25 min 4

5.      (02) Tags: Los Guerreros (Eddie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero) d, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit, and Edge and Rey Mysterio 19:30 3 ¾

6. (97) WWF Title Shawn Michaels d. Bret Hart 12;30 3 ¾ 

7.      (96) WWF Title: Sid d. Shawn Michaels 20 min 3 ¾

               8.    (16)    Enzo Amore & Big Cass & Kofi Kingston & Big E & Primo & Epico & Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson & Cesaro & Sheamus d. Jason Jordan & Chad Gable & Heath Slater & Rhyno & Tyler Breeze & Fandango & Usos & Mojo Rawley & Zack Ryder  19 min 3 3/4
9.      (87) Strike Force/Jim Powers/Paul Roma/British Bulldogs/Rougeaus/Killer Bees d.
Hart Foundation/Demolition/Greg Valentine/Dino Bravo/Islanders/Bolsheviks    30:30  3 ¾

10. (01)Team WWF (The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane, and The Big Show) d. Team Alliance (Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, Booker T, and Shane McMahon) 45 min 3 ½

11. (02)World (Elimination Chamber) Shawn Michaels d. Triple H  (with Ric Flair), Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Kane, and Chris Jericho 39 min 3 ½

12. (03)Team Bischoff (Chris Jericho, Christian, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner and Mark Henry) d. Team Austin (Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Bubba Ray Dudley, and D-Von Dudley) 27 min. 3 ½

13. (11) WWF Title CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio 17 min 3 1/2 

14. (96) Doug Furnas/Phil Lafon/Godwinns d. Owen/DaveyBoy/New Rockers  20:30 3 ½

15. (12) Team Ziggler (Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio) (with Ricardo Rodriguez) d. Team Foley (The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) and Randy Orton) 26 min 3 1/2 

16.  (94) WWF Title Bob Backlund d. Bret Hart 35 min 3 ½

17. (04)IC Shelton Benjamin d. Christian (with Tyson Tomko) 13:30 3 ½

18. (09) WWF Title: John Cena d. Triple H and Shawn Michaels 21 min 3 ½

19. (05) Triple H d Ric Flair 27 min 3 ½

20. (13) CM Punk and Daniel Bryan d The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) (with Bray Wyatt) 3 ½ 

21. (13) The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns) and The Real Americans (Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger) defeated Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) & Rey Mysterio 23:30 3 1/2

22. (95) 123 Kid/Chris Candido/Dr Tom/Louis Spicoli d. Marty Jannetty/Hakushi/Bob Holly/Barry Horowitz  18:30 3 1/2 

 23. (93) Heavenly Bodies d. Rock N Roll Express 13:30 3 ½

 24. (88) Powers of Pain/Rockers/Young Stallions/Hart Foundation/British Bulldogs d.
Demoliton/Bolsheviks/Brainbusters/Conquistadors/Rougeaus  42 min 3 ½

     25.            (16) Cruiser: Brian Kendrick d. Kalisto 14 min 3 1/2 

26. (09) Team Miz (The Miz, Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger) d Team Morrison (John Morrison, Matt Hardy, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, and Finlay) 21 min 3 ¼

27 (09) Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston, Montel Vontavious Porter, Mark Henry, R-Truth, and Christian) d Team Orton (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, CM Punk, and William Regal) 21 min 3 ¼

28 (98) Mankind d. Steve Austin 10:30 3 ¼

29. (05) Booker T (with Sharmell) d Chris Benoit 14:30 3 ¼

30. (05)WWF Champ John Cena (c) defeated Kurt Angle 14 min 3 ¼

 31. (91) Ted Dibiase, The Mountie, The Warlord & Ric Flair d. Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, The British Bulldog & Virgil. 3 ¼ 21:30

32.      (92) Randy Savage/Mr. Perfect d. Ric Flair/Razor Ramon 3 ¼ 16:30

33.       (16) IC: Miz d. Sami Zayn 3 1/4 14 min

34.      (07) WWF Title Randy Orton (c) defeated Shawn Michaels 18 min 3 ¼

35. (14) Bray Wyatt d. Dean Ambrose (DQ) 23 min 3 1/4 

36. (99) Hollys/Too Cool d. Edge/Christian/Hardys 14:30 3 ¼

37. (12) Team Clay (Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio) (with Cameron and Naomi) d Team Tensai (Tensai, Primo, Epico and The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O'Neil) 18:30 3 ¼

38. (04) Jr. Title: Spike Dudley d Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio 9 min 3

39. (04) Tables: The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and Spike) and Jeff Hardy d 3-Minute Warning (Rosey and Jamal) and Rico 14 min 3

40. (10) US: Daniel Bryan d Ted DiBiase 10 min 3

41. (96) Undertaker d. Mankind 15 min. 3

42. (08) World Title: John Cena d Chris Jericho 21 min 3

43. (97) Doug Furnas/Phil LaFon/Davey Boy/Anvil d. Marc Mero/Steve Blackman/Vader/Goldust 17 min 3

44. (04) Team Orton (Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Maven) d Team Triple H (Triple H, Edge, Batista, and Snitsky) (with Ric Flair) 24 min 3

45.      (94) British Bulldog/Razor Ramon/Fatu/Barbarian/123Kid d. HBK/Diesel/Owen Hart/Anvil/Jeff Jarrett 22 min 3

46.      (07) Team Triple H (Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio and Kane) defeated Team Umaga (Umaga, Mr. Kennedy, Montel Vontavious Porter, Finlay and Big Daddy V) 22min 3

47. (11) Dolph Ziggler d. John Morrison 10:30 3

48. (10) John Morrison d Sheamus 11 min 3

49. (99) IC: Chyna d. Chris Jericho 13:30 3

50. (07) World (Cell) Batista (c) defeated The Undertaker 21 min 3

51. (93) Randy Savage/Razor Ramon/123 Kid/Marty Jannetty d. Diesel/Adam Bomb/IRS/Rick Martel  36 min. 3

52. Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback) defeated Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper) (with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Lana) 43 min 3

53. (89) Rick Rude/Curt Hennig/Rougeaus d. Roddy Piper/Bushwackers/Jimmy Snuka 21:30 3

54. (05) Team SmackDown (Batista, Rey Mysterio, John Bradshaw Layfield, Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton) (with Bob Orton and Jillian Hall) defeated Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Kane, The Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters) 24 min 3

55. (05) US Title: Chris Benoit (c) defeated Chavo Guerrero (with Vickie Guerrero) by submission 8:30

56. (10) Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) defeated Kaval 9:30 3

57. (15) Dean Ambrose d. Kevin Owens 11 3

58. (15) Roman Reigns d. Alberto del Rio 13:30 3

59. (11) The Rock and John Cena defeated Awesome Truth (The Miz and R-Truth) 21:30 3

60. (90) Ted Dibiase/Undertaker /Honky Tonk Man /Greg Valentine d. Hart Foundation/DustyRhodes/Koko B Ware 14 min 3

61. (00) WWF Title: Kurt Angle d. Undertaker 3 16 min

62. (15) WWF Title: Roman Reigns d. Dean Ambrose 9 min

63. (12) World: Sheamus d The Big Show 14:30

64. (01) Tags (Cage): The Dudley Boyz  (with Stacy Keibler) d The Hardy Boyz 15:30

65. (00) The Radicalz (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn) (with Terri) d D-Generation X (Road Dogg, K-Kwik, Billy Gunn and Chyna) 12:30

66. (12) WWF Title CM Punk d.  Ryback and John Cena 18 min

67. (03) Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, John Cena, Hardcore Holly, and Bradshaw) d Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Matt Morgan, Nathan Jones and A-Train) 13:30

68. (04)            Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero, The Big Show, Rob Van Dam, and John Cena) defeated Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Carlito, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak) 12:30

69. (08) Team HBK (Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Cryme Tyme (Shad Gaspard and JTG), and The Great Khali) d. Team JBL (John Bradshaw Layfield, Kane, MVP, John Morrison and The Miz) 18 min

70. (10) Team Mysterio (Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, Big Show, and MVP) d. Team Del Rio (Alberto Del Rio, Tyler Reks, Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, and Cody Rhodes) 18 min

71. (11) Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico, and Dolph Ziggler) d. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston, and Sin Cara) 22 min

72. (15) Ryback/Usos/Lucha Dragons d. New Day/Sheamus/Barrett 17 min 30 sec 

73. (13) World: John Cena d. Alberto Del Rio 16 min

74. (01) US/IC Title: Edge d Test 11 min

75. (00) The Rock d  Rikishi 11:30

76.  (95) Bertha Faye, Aja Kong, Tomoko Watanabe & Lioness Asuka vs. Alundra Blaze, Sakie Hasegawa, Kyoko Inoue, & Chapparita Asari. 10 min

77. (08) Team Orton (Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, William Regal, Cody Rhodes, and Mark Henry) (with Layla, Manu and Tony Atlas) d Team Batista (Batista, CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, and R-Truth) 16:30

78. (03) Tags: Basham Brothers d. Los Guerreros (Eddie and Chavo) 7 min

79. (07)Tags: Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch d Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes 7 min

80. (95) Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson, The British Bulldog &  Sid (w/Ted Dibiase & Jim Cornette) d. Yokozuna, Owen Hart, Razor Ramon & Dean Douglas (w/Mr. Fuji) 27:30

81. (97) The Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal), Ahmed Johnson and Ken Shamrock d The Nation of Domination (The Rock, Faarooq, Kama Mustafa and D'Lo Brown) 20:30

82. (87) The Jumping Bomb Angels, Velvet MacIntyre, Rockin’ Robin & The Fabulous Moolah d. Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Dawn Marie, Donna Christanello & Sherri Martell 20:15

83. (07) ECW Title: CM Punk d. John Morrison and The Miz 8 min

84.  (10) WWF Title: Randy Orton d. Wade Barrett 15 min

85. (01) Euro Title: Christian  defeated Al Snow 6:30

86. (02) Jr Title: Billy Kidman defeated Jamie Noble 7:30

87. (06) Team DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk and the Hardy Boyz) d Team Rated-RKO (Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox and Gregory Helms) 11:30

88. (09) WorldTitle: Undertaker d Chris Jericho and The Big Show 13:30

89. (12) Antonio Cesaro d R-Truth 7 min

90. (02)Women: Victoria d Trish Stratus 7 min

91. (88) Andre the Giant, Dino Bravo w/Frenchie Martin, Ravishing Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan, Harley Race & Mr. Perfect d. Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, Ken Patera, Tito Santana & Scott Casey 30:30

92.  (00) Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) d Edge and Christian and Right to Censor (Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather) 10 min

93.  (89) Ultimate Warrior, Jim Neidhart, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty d. Bobby Heenan, Arn Anderson, Haku & Andre the Giant. 21:30

94. (98) XPac draw Steve Regal 8 min

95. (04) WWF Title: John Bradshaw Layfield d. Booker T 15 min

96. (00)Steve Austin NC HHH 25 min

97. (98) WWF Title: The Rock d. Mankind 17 min

98. (00) Kane d Chris Jericho 12:30
99. (10) World: Kane d. Edge 13 min
100. (03) World Title: Goldberg d Triple H (with Ric Flair) 12 min

101. (99) WWF Title: Big Show d. HHH/Rock 16 min

102. (00) Euro: William Regal d. Hardcore Holly. 5:30

103. (01)William Regal d Tajiri 3 min

104. (99) Tags:  New Age Outlaws d.. Mankind & Al Snow 14 min

105. (03) Kane d Shane McMahon 13:30 min

106. (99) Kurt Angle d. Shawn Stasiak. 6 min

107. (06) Mr. Kennedy d The Undertaker 9 min

108. (96) The Stalker, Jake Roberts & Rocky Maivia d. Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jerry Lawler, Crush & Goldust (w/Marlena) 23:30

109. (94) Tatanka, Bam Bam Bigelow, King Kong Bundy, Tom Pritchard & Jimmy Del Ray (w/Ted Dibiase) d. Lex Luger, Adam Bomb, Mabel, Billy Gunn & Bart Gunn (w/Oscar) 23:30

110. (89) Dusty Rhodes, The Red Rooster, Tito Santana & Brutus Beefcake d. Big Bossman, Bad News Brown, Rick Martel & Honky Tonk Man (w/Slick & Jimmy Hart) 22 min

111.  (87) Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, Jake Roberts & Jim Duggan (w/Elizabeth) d. Honky Tonk Man, Ron Bass, Hercules, Danny Davis & Harley Race (w/Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan) 24 min

112. (06)Team Cena (John Cena, Kane, Bobby Lashley, Sabu and Rob Van Dam) d Team Big Show (The Big Show, Test, Montel Vontavious Porter, Finlay (with Hornswoggle) and Umaga 12:30

113. (09)Batista defeated Rey Mysterio 7 min

114 (15) Tyler Breeze d. Dolph Ziggler 6:30

115. (99) The Godfather, D-Lo Brown & Headbangers d. Acolytes & Dudleys 9:30

116. (99) Van Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel & Steve Blackman d.. The British Bulldog & Mean St Posse 9 min

117. (98) Rock d. Ken Shamrock 8:30

118. (98) Ken Shamrock d. Goldust 6 min

119. (97) Kane d. Mankind 9 min

120. (06)World Title:  Batista defeated King Booker 14 min

121. (15) Women: Charlotte d. Paige 14 min

122. (03)Women: Molly Holly (c) defeated Lita 7 min

123. (87) Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy, The One Man Gang, Butch Reed & Rick Rude (w/Slick & Bobby Heenan) d. Hulk Hogan, Paul Orndorff, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ken Patera & Don Muraco (w/Oliver Humperdink) 23 min

124. (89) Hulk Hogan, Jake Roberts & Demolition d Ted Dibiase, Zeus & The Powers of Pain (w/Mr. Fuji & Virgil). 26:30

125. (97) The Truth Commission (The Jackyl, The Interrogator, Sniper, and Recon) d. The Disciples of Apocalypse (Crush, Chainz, 8-Ball, and Skull) 10 min

126. (06) Team WWE Legends (Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty Rhodes and Ron Simmons) (with Arn Anderson) d Team Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Nicky and Mikey) (with Mitch) 10 min

127. (98) Mankind d. Al Snow 4 min

128. (98) Rock d. Undertaker 8:30

129. (13) IC: Big E Langston d. Curtis Axel 6 min

130. (98) Undertaker d. Kane 7 min

131. (04)The Undertaker d Heidenreich (with Paul Heyman) 16 min

132. (90) Hulk Hogan, Jim Duggan, Tugboat & the Big Bossman d. Dino Bravo, the Earthquake, Haku & the Barbarian (w/Jimmy Hart & Bobby Heenan). 16 min

133. (90) Rick Martel, Warlord, Power and Glory (with Slick) d. Jake Roberts, Jimmy Snuka,  Rockers  18 min

134. (93) Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, The Undertaker d. Ludvig Borga, Jacques Rougeau, Crush, Yokozuna 28 min

135 (97) The New Age Outlaws (Billy Gunn and Road Dogg) and The Godwinns (Henry and Phineas) d. The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher) and The New Blackjacks (Blackjack Windham and Blackjack Bradshaw) 15:30

136. (14) Tags: Miz and Mizdow d. Usos, Goldust and Stardust and Los Matadores 15:30

137. (93) Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart v. Shawn Michaels, the Black Knight, the Red Knight and the Blue Knight. 31 min

138. (02)  WWF Title: Big Show d Brock Lesnar 4 min

139. (00)Steve Blackman, Crash Holly and Molly Holly defeated T & A (Test and Albert) and Trish Stratus 5 min

140. (96) Faarooq, Vader, Fake Diesel & Fake Razor (w/Clarence Mason, PG-13 & Jim Cornette) NC Flash Funk, Savio Vega, Yokozuna & Jimmy Snuka  9:30

141. (10) Tags: The Nexus (Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater) (c) (with David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris) defeated Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov 5 min

142. (01)Battle Royal 7:30

143. (92) The Nasty Boys & the Natural Disasters d. The Beverly Brothers & Money Inc 16 min

144. (95) The Undertaker, Henry Godwinn, Fatu & Savio Vega v. King Mabel, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Isaac Yankem & Jerry Lawler 14:30

   145.  (88) The Ultimate Warrior, Brutus Beefcake, Sam Houston, the Blue Blazer & Jim Brunzell d. The Honky Tonk Man, Dangerous Danny Davis, Outlaw Ron Bass, Greg Valentine & Bad News Brown (w/Jimmy Hart). 18 min

146. (90) The Ultimate Warrior, Texas Tornado & The Road Warriors d. Mr. Perfect & Demolition (w/Mr. Fuji & Bobby Heenan). 14 min

147. (88) Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Hillbilly Jim, Hercules & Koko B. Ware (w/Elizabeth) d. The Big Bossman, Akeem, King Haku, the Red Rooster & Ted Dibiase (w/Slick, Virgil & Bobby Heenan) 29 min

148. (91) The Beverly Brothers & The Nasty Boys d. The Rockers & The Bushwhackers 23 min

149. (89) Randy Savage, Dino Bravo, Greg Valentine & Earthquake d. Jim Duggan, Ronnie Garvin, Bret Hart & Hercules. 23:30

150.    (16) Charlotte & Bayley & Alicia Fox & Nia Jax & Sasha Banks d. Becky Lynch & Naomi & Natalya & Alexa Bliss & Carmella 17:30

151. (15) Undertaker/Kane d. Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper 10:30

152. (08) The Undertaker d The Big Show 13 min

153. (91) WWF Title: Undertaker d. Hulk Hogan 12:30

154. WWF Title: Randy Orton d. Big Show 11 min

155. (11) World Title: Big Show defeated Mark Henry 13 min

156. (92) Headshrinkers d. High Energy 7:30

157. (92) Tatanka d. Rick Martel 11:30

158. (95) Goldust vs. Bam Bam Bigelow 8:30

159. (90) The Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan & Tito Santana d. Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel, the Warlord, and Power & Glory (w/Slick & Virgil) 9 min
160. (98) Al Snow d. Jeff Jarrett 3:30

161. (99) Kane d. XPac 4 min

162. (06) Women: Mickie James defeated Lita 8:30

163. (99) The Big Show d. Albert, Viscera, Mideon & Big Bossman 1:30

164. (98) Steve Austin d. Big Boss Man 3:30

165. (97) IC: Steve Austin d. Owen Hart 4 min

166.                (16) Goldberg d. Brock Lesnar 1:30 

167. (13) Mark Henry d. Ryback 5 min

168. (11) Beth Phoenix d Eve Torres 4 min

169. (10) Women:  Natalya d Lay-Cool (Layla and Michelle McCool) 3:30

170. (01)Women: Trish Stratus d Lita, Jacqueline, Mighty Molly, Jazz, and Ivory 4:30

171. (04)Women Trish Stratus d Lita 1:30

172 (15) WWF Title: Sheamus d. Roman Reigns :30

173. (98) Mankind d. Dwayne Gill :30

174. (98) Rock d. Boss Man :30

175. (14) Women: Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella) d. AJ Lee 30 sec.

176. (06)Women: Trish Stratus d Melina 6:30

177. (09) Team Mickie (Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Melina, Gail Kim, and Eve Torres) d Team Michelle (Michelle McCool, Jillian Hall, Beth Phoenix, Layla, and Alicia Fox) 10:30

178. (08) Team Raw (Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Candice Michelle, and Jillian Hall) (with Santino Marella) d Team SmackDown (Michelle McCool, Victoria, Maria, Maryse, and Natalya) 9:30

179. (13) Team Total Divas (Natalya, The Bella Twins , The Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron) Eva Marie, & JoJo) d Team "True Divas" (AJ Lee, Tamina Snuka, Kaitlyn, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Aksana, &Summer Rae) 11:30

180.   Team Fox (Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi and Natalya) (with Tyson Kidd) d. Team Paige (Paige, Cameron and The Slayers (Layla and Summer Rae) 14:30

181. (00)Women: Ivory  d Lita 5 min

182. (12) Women Eve Torres (c) defeated Kaitlyn 7 min

183. (98) Women: Sable d. Jackie 3 min

184. (92) Big Boss Man d. Nailz 6 min

185. (92) Yokozuna d. Virgil 4 min

186. (91) The Big Bossman & The Legion of Doom d. Irwin R. Shyster & The Natural Disasters (w/Jimmy Hart) 15:30

187. (91) The Texas Tornado, Tito Santana, Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Sergeant Slaughter d. Colonel Mustafa, the Berserker, Skinner & Hercules 14 min

188. (90) Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & the Bushwhackers d.. Sgt. Slaughter, Boris Zhukov & the Orient Express (w/Gen. Adnan & Mr. Fuji) 10:30

189. (98) Tags: The New Age Outlaws d. Mark Henry & D-Lo Brown and The Headbangers 10:30

190. (93) The Bushwhackers & Men on a Mission (w/Oscar) d. Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger & The Headshrinkers (w/Luna Vachon & Afa) 11 min

191. (02)Vince McMahon d The Undertaker 12 min

192. (08) WWF Title: Edge d Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov 14 min

193. (92) Casket Match: The Undertaker d Kamala (w/Kim Chee & Harvey Whippleman) 7 min 

194. (07) Mickie James, Maria, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly d. Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Melina, Victoria and Layla 5 min

195. (99) Tori, Debra, Mae Young & Moolah d. Jacqueline, Luna Vachon, Ivory & Terri Runnels 2 min

196. (14) Adam Rose and The Bunny defeated Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil) 2:30

197. (05) Theodore Long (with Palmer Cannon) d Eric Bischoff 5:30

198. (07) The Great Khali d Hornswoggle 3 min

199. (94) Casket Match: The Undertaker d Yokozuna (w/Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette). 15:30

200 (94) Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Cheesy & Queasy vs. Doink, Dink, Wink & Pink 16 min

2017 NFL All Pro Team - Through 10 Weeks

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

10 weeks into the NFL season, here's the current All-Pro team.  Update coming at 12 and then the end of the season.

QB Tom Brady NE - MVP
       Drew Brees NO

RB Kareem Hunt KC
      Ezekial Elliott Dall
      Devonta Freeman Atl
      Todd Gurley LAR

WR Antonio Brown Pit
       Adam Thielen Minn
       Doug Baldwin Sea
       DeAndre Hopkins Hou

TE Travis Kelce KC
      Rob Gronkowski NE

C Jason Kelce Phi
    David Andrews NE

G David DeCastro Pit
    Zack Martin Dal
    Brandon Brooks Phi
    Joe Bitonio Cle

T Demar Dotson TB
   Andrew Whitworth LAR
   Daryl Williams Carol
   Anthony Castonzo Ind

DE Cameron Jordan NO
      Khalil Mack Oak
      Joey Bosa LAC
      Calais Campbell Jax

DT DeForest Buckner Niners
      Aaron Donald LAR
      Geno Atkins Cin
      Ndomukong Suh Mia

OLB Melvin Ingram LAC
         Von Miller Den
        Jabaal Sheard Ind
        Jerry Hughes Buf

ILB Bobby Wagner Sea
        Telvin Smith Jax

CB Jalen Ramsey Jax
      Casey Heyward LAC
      AJ Bouye Jax
      Tre'Davious White Buff

S Harrison Smith Min
   Glover Quin Det
   Kevin Byard Tenn
   Tyvon Branch Ari

If Anyone Else Has Done This in Back to Back Years, Let me Know...

Thursday, November 2, 2017

In back to back seasons, I've predicted both pennant winners in my annual MLB projections.

Here's 2016.

Here's 2017.

Not all heroes wear capes, folks. 

November 1 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Wednesday, November 1, 2017


What is this all about?

Here's the only November game the San Francisco Giants ever played.  This is it; we've hit the very end of the road.  It's the most important game in San Francisco history and it ends our daily journey.

2010 World Series Game 5 at Texas 

When the Giants won their first ever World Series, Duane Kuiper's call of the final out included references to legendary Giants past, "you can't help but think that this group is celebrating for the Say Hey Kid, for Will the Thrill, celebrating for #25" When you spend a year looking at the story of every team in San Francisco history you really appreciate that call and how it helps conclude all of these stories.

We won games 1 and 2 at home, lost game 3 but won last night.  We've got a 3 games to 1 lead, this is the last game we'd play at Texas. The first ever San Francisco Giants game played in November.  Tim Lincecum going for the good guys; Cliff Lee for the Rangers.

We get a 2 out Posey single in the first, but can't advance him.

Lincecum retires the Rangers in order.

We go in order in the second.

Lincecum gets them in 6 pitches.

In the third we get our second hit, a 2 out Andres Torres single, but he doesn't move up.

The Rangers get their first baserunner, a 2 out walk to Mitch Moreland, but nothing else.

Lee gets us in order in the 4th.

Lincecum gives up a leadoff single to Michael Young, but he never gets into scoring position.

A Ranger error gives us a baserunner in the 5th, but he's erased on a double play and we only send 3 to the plate.

Lincecum needs just 8 pitches to get them in order.

We get another 2 out single in the 6th, this time it's Freddy Sanchez, but he doesn't advance.

The Rangers also get a single, by Moreland, who also dies at first base.

Top of the 7th inning.

Cody Ross and Juan Uribe, each with 2 strike counts, open the inning with back to back singles. Aubrey Huff bunts them over, but Lee strikes out Pat Burrell, bringing Edgar Renteria to the plate.  Renteria had a walk off single to win the World Series as a 20 year old Marlin shortstop, this is his second to last big league season.  On the third pitch of the at bat, Renteria hits a 3 run home run to left center.

When Lincecum gets the first out of the bottom of the 7th, we have a 3 run lead with 8 outs remaining, that is an 89% chance to win the game, meaning an 89% chance to win our first ever World Series. Not quite as strong as 2002, but you'd take it.

The next batter is Nelson Cruz and he homers.

The next batter is Ian Kinsler and he walks.  Bringing the tying run to the plate with only one out.

Lincecum then strikes out David Murphy and Bengie Molina, who was the Giants starting catcher just a few months prior.  We go to the 8th with a 3-1 lead.  6 outs away from the Championship.

We get another 2 out single in our half, but the score stays 3-1.

Lincecum stays in the game.  He strikes out Moreland.  5 outs away.  He gets Elvis Andrus to ground back to the mound. 4 outs away.  And Michael Young grounds to third.

We go to the 9th.  Neftali Feliz retires us in order.  Brian Wilson comes out of the pen to close the game, he's facing 3-4-5.

Josh Hamilton won the AL MVP in 2010.  He led all of MLB in BA, SLG, and OPS.  His 170 OPS+ is his career best by nearly 30 points.  Wilson strikes him out on 4 pitches.  2 outs away.

Vlad Guerrero is a borderline Hall of Famer, I've got him as a top 20 all time RF, with a career like Sam Crawford or Harry Heilmann. He was 35 here, in his second to last season in the bigs - but he still hit .300, had 29 homers and he grounds the first pitch to short. 1 out away.

Nelson Cruz was 29 in 2010, his 146 OPS+ was the best full season mark of his career until 2015 (Cruz's performance has spiked in late career) he worked his way to a full count and then at 10:30 Eastern time, 7:30 Pacific, on November 1, 2010, Brian Wilson struck him out.

You can't help but think that this group is celebrating...

For that '59 club, that had a 2 game lead with 8 to play...

For the greatest of all the Giants squads, the '62 team that chased down the Dodgers...

For the '65 team that won 14 straight in September...

For the '69 team that swept the Dodgers at home in late September to take a half game lead...

For the 1971 National League West Champs...

For the '78 team, down only 2 games at the top of September, battling the Dodgers and Reds...

For the '82 team, down 13 at the end of July and only a game back with 6 to play...

For the 1987 National League West Champs...

For the 1989 National League Champions...

For the best Giants team of my lifetime, the 1993 team that won 103 games...

For the 1997 National League West Champs...the '98 team that lost the 1 game playoff....the 2000 National League West Champs that won 97 games....

For the 2002 National League Champion San Francisco Giants.

For the 101 game winning 2003 National League West Champs....

For Orlando Cepeda.  For Willy Kirkland.  And Jimmy Davenport.  For Jack Sanford and Mike McCormick.

For Felipe, Matty, Jesus, Moises.

For Chuck Hiller and Tom Haller.  For Jim Ray Hart and Billy O'Dell.  For Gaylord. And Ken Henderson.

For Dick Dietz and Tito Fuentes and Ron Hunt and Frank Linzy and Chris Speier.

For Bobby Bonds.  For Juan Marichal.

For Jim Barr-Ed Halicki-Gary Lavelle-Greg Minton-Bob Knepper and the Count.

For Jack the Ripper.  And Ivie.  And Vida.  And Atlee.  And Chili. And Johnnie LeMaster.

For Joe Morgan. For Reggie Smith.  For Jeffrey Leonard.

For Darrell Evans and Bob Brenly and Dusty and Laskey and Kruk and Kuip.

For Chris Brown and Jose Uribe and Dave Dravecky and Rod Beck.

For Robby and Matt Williams and Mitch and the Thrill.  For Reuschel and Bedrock and Caveman Robinson.

For Aldrete.  And Candy. And Garrelts. And Brett Butler and D-Lew.

For Black and Burkett and Billy Swift and Jason Schmidt.

For Jeff Brantley and Trevor Wilson. For Kirt Manwaring and Salomon Torres.

For Rich Aurilia and Mark Gardner.  For Stan Javier and Marvin Benard and JT Snow.

For Jeff Kent.  And Kirk Rueter.  And Shawn Estes.  And Russ Ortiz.  And Robb Nen.

For Bill Mueller and Ellis Burks. For Felix Rodriguez.  For Livan Hernandez, Benito Santiago and Pedro Feliz.

For Shawon Dunston and Kenny Lofton and Ray Durham and Jose Cruz, Jr.

For Marquis Grissom.  And Noah Lowry.  And Randy Winn.  And Omar Vizquel.

For Stretch.

For the Home Run King, Barry Lamar Bonds.

For Willie Mays.

For all of them.  And all of us.

The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions.

Here's the roster of our first ever World Champions.  Flags Fly Forever.

C Buster Posey
1B Aubrey Huff
2B Freddy Sanchez
SS Edgar Renteria
3B Juan Uribe
LF Pat Burrell
CF Andres Torres
RF Cody Ross
C Eli Whiteside
IF Mike Fontenot
IF Travis Ishikawa
IF Pablo Sandoval
OF Aaron Rowand
OF Nate Schierholtz
SP Tim Lincecum
SP Matt Cain
SP Madison Bumgarner
SP Jonathan Sanchez
P Brian Wilson
P Jeremy Affeldt
P Javier Lopez
P Santiago Casilla
P Ramon Ramirez
P Guillermo Mota
P Sergio Romo

There's no tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October, 2017 Athlete of the Month

September is here.

Justin Verlander.  Runners-up: Sylvia Fowles, Tom Brady, Justin Turner

Only 2 months left in the race for 2017 Athlete of the Year.

January - Deshaun Watson
February - Tom Brady
March - Russell Westbrook
April - A'ja Wilson
May - Stephen Curry
June- Kevin Durant
July - Roger Federer
August - Giancarlo Stanton
September - Sloane Stephens
October - Justin Verlander

October 31 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


What is this all about?

Here is the October 31st game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

2010 World Series Game 4 at Texas, we took the first two at home, lost Game 3 yesterday, this is Sunday night at Arlington, the only Halloween game played in San Francisco Giants history, 21 year old Madison Bumgarner goes 8, gives up just 3 hits, we shut out the Rangers 4-0 and move a game from our first ever World Championship.  Aubrey Huff gave us a 2 run homer off Tommy Hunter in the third, Andres Torres had a run scoring double off Darren Oliver in the 7th, and Buster Posey homered off Darren O'Day in the 8th.  Hey, this thing we're doing is almost done.

See you tomorrow for the only game in San Francisco history - which happens to be the most important game we'll ever play.

8 Weeks In - 2017 NFL All Pro Teams

Monday, October 30, 2017

8 weeks into the NFL season, here's the current All-Pro team.  Update coming at 10, 12 and then the end of the season. 

QB Tom Brady NE
       Russell Wilson Sea

RB Kareem Hunt KC
      Ezekial Elliott Dall
      Devonte Freeman Atl
      Jay Ajayi Mia

WR Antonio Brown Pit
       DeAndre Hopkins Hou
       AJ Green Cin
       Adam Thielen Min

TE Rob Gronkowski NE
      Travis Kelce KC

C  Jason Kelce Phi
     David Andrews NE

G David DeCastro Pit
    Shaq Mason NE
    Joe Bitonio Cle
    Zack Martin Dall

T     Daryl Williams Carol
       Demar Dotson TB
       Joe Thomas Cle
       Ronnie Stanley Balt

DE Cameron Jordan NO
      Khalil Mack Oak
      Joey Bosa LAC
      Everson Griffen Min

DT DeForest Buckner Niners
      Aaron Donald LAR
      Gerald McCoy TB
      Ndomukong Suh Mia

OLB Melvin Ingram LAC
         Justin Houston KC
        Chandler Jones Ariz
        Jabaal Sheard Ind

ILB Bobby Wagner Sea
        Telvin Smith Jax

CB Jalen Ramsey Jax
      Tre'Davious White Buff
      Marshon Lattimore NO
      Jason McCourty Cle

S Harrison Smith Min
   Tyvon Branch Ariz
   Glover Quin Det

   Micah Hyde Buff

October 30 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Yesterday, which was better.

What is this all about?

Here's the only October 30 game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

This is gonna go fast.

2010 World Series Game 3, we took the first two games at home, but the Rangers take the first game in Texas. Mitch Moreland hits a 3 run homer off Jonathan Sanchez in the third, Josh Hamilton adds a 5th inning homer. We halve that lead with solo shots by Ross and Torres but never really threaten and lose 4-2.  Game 4 is tomorrow.

And that's it.  There's no one left, just 2010.  See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 29 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Sunday, October 29, 2017


What is this all about?

Here are all the October 29 games that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

2010 World Series Game 3 is tomorrow

2014 World Series Game 7 at Kansas City 52 years ago we lost game 7 to the Yankees, a dozen years ago we lost game 7 to the Angels, the 2014 Giants look for a different outcome on a Wednesday night in Kansas City. Both clubs score 2 in the second.  We get one out singles from Pence/Belt off Jeremy Guthrie and a couple of sac flies turn them into runs.  The Royals come right back off Tim Hudson in their half, Alex Gordon's run scoring double was the big shot.  We go to the pen early, Jeremy Affeldt gets the last out in the second, coming in with 2 on and 2 out to get Nori Aoki, and then he's perfect in the third and fourth.  Our fourth broke the tie, Mike Morse singling home Pablo Sandoval off Kelvin Herrera.  Madison Bumgarner enters in the fifth - he threw 117 pitches in a complete game victory in Game 5 three days before and 106 five days before that in going 7 innings to win Game 1.  On his first pitch, Bumgarner gives up an Omar Infante single to right, he's sacrificed to second, but Bumgarner gets Aoki and Lorenzo Cain to end the inning.  We get a couple of hits in the 6th but can't plate a run.  Bumgarner throws a dozen pitches in a perfect sixth and we head to the 7th still up 3-2.  We go down in order.  The bottom of the 7th takes just 9 pitches for Bumgarner.  In our 8th, Pablo Sandoval doubles with 2 out off Wade Davis, but we can't get the insurance run.  Bumgarner continues - 16 pitches gets him through a perfect 8th and he's retired a dozen straight Royals.  We go down in order in the 9th - Bumgarner comes back to the mound, it's his 21st inning of the Series, he gets the first two men, but Gordon's line drive single is misplayed by Gregor Blanco into three bases - giving the Royals the tying run on third base with 2 out in Game 7 of the World Series. Just as Mays stood on third 52 years prior with 2 out and the Giants trailing by a run in the 9th inning of Game 7.  Salvador Perez is in the Willie McCovey spot - he pops up a 2-2 pitch into foul territory by third base, it's snapped out of the air by Pablo Sandoval, and for the 3rd time in 5 seasons, the San Francisco Giants are World Champions.

Here are your 2014 World Champion San Francisco Giants.  Flags Fly Forever.

C Buster Posey
1B Brandon Belt
2B Joe Panik
SS Brandon Crawford
3B Pablo Sandoval
LF Travis Ishikawa
CF Gregor Blanco
RF Hunter Pence
C Andrew Susac
IF Joaquin Arias
IF Matt Duffy
OF Mike Morse
OF Juan Perez
SP Madison Bumgarner
SP Tim Hudson
SP Jake Peavy
SP Ryan Vogelsong
P Sergio Romo
P Santiago Casilla
P Jeremy Affeldt
P Javier Lopez
P Yusmeiro Petit
P Tim Lincecum
P Hunter Strickland
P Jean Machi

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 28 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Saturday, October 28, 2017


What is this all about?

Here's every October 28 San Francisco Giants game that mattered.

1989 World Series Game 4, I had just turned 29, this was the first Giants World Series of my life time, only the second in San Francisco history, and if there was a way it could have gone worse that is not evident.  Never really in any game, swept 4-0, with a catastrophic earthquake making all of it seem not as important as you'd like it to seem.  I wasn't around for the gut wrenching loss in '62, but I got to sit through this mess.  Again, the A's just rip our starting pitcher, Don Robinson doesn't get out of the second inning, gives up 4 earned, he's followed by Mike LaCoss who gives up 3 earned, The A's take a 7-0 lead and win 9-6.  We lose the World Series. Again.

2010 World Series Game 2 home vs. Rangers, 21 years later we still hadn't won the World Series, having added a 7 game 2002 loss to the sweep in '89 and the 7 game loss in '62. We're here again and up a game, winning game 1 last night. This one is super tight. Scoreless in the second, Cody Ross doubles with one out, but we can't move him across the plate against CJ Wilson. The Rangers get a man in scoring position in the third, but Matt Cain shuts that down.  Wilson and Cain continued to match each other, neither team getting another man in scoring position until the 5th, Ian Kinsler doubled to lead off the inning, but he died at second. We broke through in the bottom half, Edgar Renteria hit a solo run to give us a 1-0 lead. Cain got in real trouble in the 6th, second and third with one out - but Nelson Cruz popped up and Kinsler flew to right and we kept that 1-0 advantage. A leadoff walk to Ross chased Wilson in the 7th, Juan Uribe singled him home off of Darren Oliver, and we led 2-0 with 8 outs to go. Cain left with a man in scoring position in the 8th, but Javier Lopez shut the door on the threat-  and in our half of the inning we sent 11 men to the plate, erupted for 7 runs, and put the game away.  It all happened with 2 out and nobody on, Posey singled and then Ranger pitching walked 4 consecutive Giants to give us a 3-0 lead.  We then got 3 big shots - Renteria's 2 run scoring single, Aaron Rowand's two run scoring triple, Andres Torres doubling home the final run of the game.  We win 9-0 and head to Texas up 2 games to 0.

2012 World Series Game 4 at Detroit, we needed to win 3 straight to beat the Reds in the NLDS, we needed to win 3 straight to beat the Cardinals in the NLCS - but we win the first 3 games of the World Series putting Detroit in a hole from which no team has ever climbed.  Cain for us, Max Scherzer for Detroit. We break through in the second, Hunter Pence doubles, Brandon Belt triples him home. They take the lead in the third on a 2 run Miguel Cabrera homer. We retake the lead in the 6th, Buster Posey hits a 2 run homer off Scherzer and Cain gives it back in the bottom half, Delmon Young homers and it's 3-3.  Scoreless in the 7th,8th,9th.  Top of the 10th, Ryan Theriot led off with a single off Phil Coke and stood at second with two out, with a 3-1 count from Coke, Marco Scutaro singled to center, Theriot scored and we went up 4-3.  Sergio Romo came on and struck out Austin Jackson...then struck out Don Kelly...then, on the 15th pitch of the inning, at approximately ten minutes to midnight Eastern time, he struck out Miguel Cabrera and the San Francisco Giants were Champions of the World.  23 years to the day after we were swept by the A's, the Giants swept the Tigers to win the World Series.

Your 2012 World Champion San Francisco Giants.   Flags Fly Forever.
C Buster Posey
1B Brandon Belt
2B Marco Scutaro
SS Brandon Crawford
3B Pablo Sandoval
LF Gregor Blanco
CF Angel Pagan
RF Hunter Pence
IF Joaquin Arias
IF Aubrey Huff
C Hector Sanchez
IF Ryan Theriot
OF Xavier Nady
SP Madison Bumgarner
SP Matt Cain
SP Ryan Vogelsong
SP Barry Zito
P Sergio Romo
P Santiago Casilla
P Jeremy Affeldt
P Javier Lopez
P Tim Lincecum
P George Kontos
P Jose Mijares
P Guillermo Mota

2014 World Series Game 6 we won the final 2 at home to take a 3 games to 2 lead in the World Series, meaning we are one game away from another World Championship.  We do not get it here. The Royals break Jake Peavy in half, 5 earned runs in less than 2 innings, we trail 8-0 after 3 and lose 10-0.  The Royals get 6 doubles, which has to be in shouting distance for most in a World Series game. As did it in 1962 and 2002, this World Series is headed for a Game 7.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants.

October 27 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Friday, October 27, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are all the October 27 games that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series Game 3, we got blown out in Oakland in games 1 and 2, then the earthquake hit ten days ago, here then is the first World Series game in San Francisco since McCovey's line drive to Richardson ended the '62 series 27 years prior.  It goes the way the first two games went, the A's jumped all over us and won easily.  Dave Henderson doubled home two in the first, then homered in the third, both off Scott Garrelts.  We sliced the deficit to 4-3 with a 2 run Terry Kennedy single off Dave Stewart in the 4th, but you just couldn't deny this A's squad, Henderson homered again in the fifth, this time off Kelly Downs, McGwire hit a 3 run shot in the same inning, we were down 8-3 and went on to lose 13-7.  Mercifully, game 4 is tomorrow.

2002 World Series Game 7, I think if I owned a sports bar I'd call it Game 7, it's a term with immaculate branding for sports fans.  40 years ago McCovey lined out to Richardson in the bottom of the 9th; 24 hours ago we had a 97% chance to win our first ever World Championship.  It's game 7.  Let me ask you this - how many hits did we give up?  5.  We gave up 5 hits in a Game 7.  Livan gave up 4, Rueter, in 4 innings of relief, gave up 1.  Livan also gave up 4 earned runs in 2 innings.  It was 1-1 through 2, the first 3 Angels got on in the third and Garret Anderson hit a 3 run double to end our season.  We had chances.  2 on, 1 out in the 4th.  2nd and 3rd with 2 out in the 6th. 2 on, 1 out in the 9th inning.  But none crossed and we lost the World Series. Again.

2010 World Series Game 1 home vs. Rangers, 8 years later, we're back.  It's the first San Francisco home World Series game since Game 5 in '02 when we scored 16 runs.  We get 11 in this one.  It didn't look good early, Tim Lincecum gave up runs in each of the first two innings, including a run scoring single to Vlad Guerrero. We got them both back in the third; an error and hit batsman gave us 2 on with 1 out, Freddy Sanchez and Buster Posey had back to back RBI knocks off of Cliff Lee and it was 2-2. We ended the game in the 5th. Sanchez broke the tie with his second run scoring double, Cody Ross and Aubrey Huff had back to back run scoring singles, Darren O'Day came on and gave up the backbreaker, a 3 run homer to Juan Uribe that gave us an 8-2 lead. We won 11-7 (Sanchez added a third double). Game 2 is tomorrow.

2012 World Series Game 3 at Detroit, we took the first two at home, making it a must win for the Tigers to effectively stay in the Series. We got 2 in the second off of Anibal Sanchez, Gregor Blanco had a run scoring triple and was driven home himself by Brandon Crawford.  Those are the only runs of the game, Ryan Vogelong pitched us into the 6th, Tim Lincecum gave us 2 1/3 and Sergio Romo closed it out.  The big spot was the 5th, they loaded the bases with 1 out, Vogelsong struck out Quintin Berry and then popped up future Hall of Famer Miguel Cabrera to end the game.  No one has ever come back from 3-0 down to win a World Series, so with Game 4 tomorrow, even the most jaded of Giants fans had to be optimistic.

2014 World Series Game 6 is tomorrow

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 26 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Thursday, October 26, 2017

What is this all about?


Here's every October 26 game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series Game 3 is Tomorrow 

2002 World Series Game 6...when Russ Ortiz got Garret Anderson to ground out to open the 7th inning we had a 5 run lead with 8 outs left to get, that's a 97% chance to win the game, meaning, a 97% chance to win the first World Championship in San Francisco Giants history.  So, just sit in that for a moment. Dunston hit a 2 run homer in the 5th, Barry homered in the 6th, when Jeff Kent singled home Kenny Lofton in the top of the 7th we had a 5-0 lead.  Ortiz got Anderson, then gave up back to back singles and got lifted.  On the 8th pitch of the next at bat Felix Rodriguez gave up a 3 run homer to Scott Spezio, but even with the lead cut to 5-3 at the end of the inning we still had an 86% chance to win the World Series. And then they got 3 more in the 8th to beat us.  Erstad homered off Worrell and Glaus hit a 2 run double off of Nen.  We went down in order in the 9th and the series was tied.  Game 7 is tomorrow. It's the worst loss in San Francisco history. 

2010 World Series Game 1 is Tomorrow

2012 World Series Game 3 is Tomorrow

2014 World Series Game 5 home vs. Royals, a dozen years after we failed to close out the Angels we were 2 games to 2 against the Royals, this is the last game in San Francisco of the series, Madison Bumgarner throws a complete game 4 hit shutout, striking out 8 and walking none, we win 5-0 to move within a game of the World Championship.  Brandon Crawford and Juan Perez both drove in two runs, the Royals only put one man in scoring position the entire game, we head back to Kansas City the same way we went back to Anaheim in '02, needing to win one of the final two games.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 25 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What is this all about?


Here's every October 25 game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series resumes on 10-27

2002 World Series Game 6 is tomorrow.

2010 World Series starts 10-27

2012 World Series Game 2 home vs. Tigers, we took the opener last night on Sandoval's 3 homers, one more game in San Francisco. We only get 5 hits - but the Tigers only get 2.  Madison Bumgarner and Doug Fister keep the game scoreless into the 7th; we scraped a run across on a Brandon Crawford double play in the the 7th, then got a second run on a Hunter Pence sac fly in the 8th. Bumgarner gave way to Santiago Casilla and Sergio Romo, who each threw perfect innings and we head to Detroit up 2 games to 0.

2014 World Series Game 4 home vs. Royals, down 2 games to 1, needing a win to avoid going down 3 games to 1 with only one home game remaining, it looked a little desperate when the Royals ripped Ryan Vogelsong for four in the third, a two run Omar Infante single being the big blow.  We got one back on a Buster Posey run scoring single off Jason Vargas in the bottom half to make it 4-2, and then got the rest back in the 5th, Joe Panik doubled and scored on a Hunter Pence single, Pence later scored on a Juan Perez sac fly.  Yusmeiro Petit held the Royals down for 3 innings since taking over from Vogelsong, so it's 4-4 with the bases loaded and 2 out in the bottom of the 6th. Pablo Sandoval at the plate against Brandon Finnegan - he lines the first pitch to center to score two, and Brandon Belt follows with a run scoring single of his own.  Look what happened here - it's 7-4 good guys and in the 7th we pick up another 4 runs off Tim Collins, Joe Panik's 2 run double the big blow. We win 11-4 to even the Series with another game still to play at home.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 24 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

What is this all about?


Here's every October 24 game that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series resumes 10-27

2002 World Series Game 5 home vs. Angels, the day before we won the first World Series game in San Francisco in 40 years to even the Series at 2 - here's the last game in San Francisco and it is a dream, we scored 3 in both the first and second and win the game 16-4. Kent had two homers and a double, Bonds two doubles and a single, Lofton tripled with two singles, Aurilia hit a 3 run homer, Bell and Snow had multiple hit games and Snow also saved little Darren Baker's life. A near century of Giant shortcoming and frustration just burst through in a torrent of thunderous hits.  We're a game from our first ever World Championship.

2010 World Series begins 10-27

2012 World Series Game 1 home vs. Tigers, we were down 2-0 in the NLDS and 3-1 in the NLCS, how does that portend for the World Series?  Pablo Sandoval doesn't give the Tigers a chance to find out, he homers off Justin Verlander in the first and the third, and homers off Al Alburquerque in the fifth, becoming just the 4th man to homer 3 times in one World Series game (Ruth twice, Reggie, Pujols) and the only one who did it in his first 3 at bats.  Barry Zito goes 5 2/3, giving up just one earned, and he's replaced by Tim Lincecum who strikes out 5 and doesn't allow a baseunner in 2 1/3. We win 8-3 and take a 1-0 lead in the World Series.

2014 World Series game 3, we split the first two in Kansas City, we come home and drop game 3. We only got 4 hits and never led, we scored two in the bottom of the 6th to cut our deficit to 3-2, but didn't threaten the rest of the way.  We go down 2 games to 1, game 4 is tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 23 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Monday, October 23, 2017

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Here are all the October 23 games that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series still 4 more days until game 3

2002 World Series Game 4 home vs. Angels the last time we won a home World Series game was game 6 in '62, 40 years later we're down 2 games to 1 and needing to get that home win to even the Series. We were down 3-0 early, Troy Glaus hit a 2 run homer off of Rueter in the third.  We tied that score in the bottom of the fifth off John Lackey, who is still pitching meaningful innings in big games 15 years later. Run scoring singles from Aurilia and Santiago sandwiched a Kent sac fly and it was 3-3. Still that score in the bottom of the 8th. Snow led off with a single off Francisco Rodriguez, he took second on a passed ball, and scored on a David Bell single. Nen got them in order in the 9th and we had evened the Series.  Game 5 tomorrow.

2010 NLCS Game 6 at Philadelphia, the Giants last pennant was 2002; we come in to game 6 up 3 games to 2 with a chance to update the record book.  The Phils got to Jonathan Sanchez immediately with 2 in the first, Chase Utley's run scoring double was the big shot. We tie it in the third.  Sanchez and Andres Torres both single and are sacrificed up a base.  Aubrey Huff singles home Sanchez and then scores on a Placido Polanco throwing error.  We left two on in the 5th, Madison Bumgarner came out of the pen and loaded the bases in the bottom half, but got Shane Victorino to bounce back to the mound to end the threat.  Bumgarner got in trouble again in the 6th, the go ahead run was at third with one out, but he struck out Ben Francisco and got Jimmy Rollins to ground to short.  Two out in the top of the 8th - Juan Uribe at the plate against Ryan Madson - he homers on a 1-0 pitch and we go up 4-3.  The Phils were in business again in their half, 2 on, one out, Brian Wilson came on and got Carlos Ruiz to line into a double play. We left the bases loaded in the 9th, leaving Wilson in to bat with 2 out, which is a helluva dice roll. Wilson walked two in the bottom of the 9th - went full count to Ryan Howard - and struck him out looking to win the 4th pennant in San Francisco history.

2012 World Series starts tomorrow.

2014 World Series Game 3 is tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 22 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Here are all the October 22 games that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series Game 3 is 10-27

2002 World Series Game 3 it's the first World Series game in the new park, the first World Series game in San Francisco since '89, and the Angels just beat us to death, they got 4 in the third, 4 in the 4th, they got 16 hits and won 10-4 to take a 2-1 series lead.  Livan Hernandez gave up 5 earned, 6 Angels had multi-hit games. It's like the '89 series never ended.  Game 4 tomorrow.

2010 NLCS Game 6 is tomorrow

2012 NLCS Game 7 home vs. St Louis, well here is an improbable turn of events.  We killed two elimination games in Cincinnati in the NLDS and then beat them on the road in a winner take all game 5.  Here, in the NLCS, we went down 3-1, survived two more elimination games, and now face the Cards in a winner takes the pennant game, just as we did back in 1987, 25 years prior. It's over early.  We score 7 in the first 3, the big blow a Hunter Pence 3 run double off Joe Kelly in the third that gave us a 5-0 lead. Matt Cain and 4 relievers shut out the Cards 9-0 and for the 5th time in history, the San Francisco Giants win the pennant.

2014 World Series Game 2, we took the opener but lose this one, getting the split in Kansas City to open the series. We were 2-2 going to the bottom of the 6th, but the Royals got into our pen, Hunter Strickland was particularly ineffective, giving up a 2 run Salvador Perez double and a 2 run Omar Infante homer.  We lose 7-2 and head home for Game 3.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

October 21 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Saturday, October 21, 2017


What is this all about?

Here are all the October 21 games that mattered in San Francisco Giants history.

1989 World Series Game 3 is still 6 days away.  

2002 World Series Game 3 is tomorrow.

2010 NLCS Game 5, we're up 3-1 a game away from our first pennant in 8 years, this is the last game of the series in San Francisco and it doesn't happen.  We had a 1-0 lead when the Phillies got to Lincecum in the third with 3 runs, two coming on an Aubrey Huff error. Cody Ross cut it to 3-2 with a run scoring double off of Roy Halladay in the 4th, we left two on base in both the fifth and the sixth, but the Phillies tacked on insurance with a Jayson Werth homer off Ramon Ramirez in the 9th and we lose 4-2.  So, just like 1987 we head out on the road with a 3 games to 2 lead.

2012 NLCS Game 6 home vs. Cardinals, we lost the first two games of the NLDS, but then came back to sweep 3 in Cincinnati, that's 3 elimination games, then we fell behind 3-1 in this series meaning we would need to survive 3 more elimination games to win the pennant.  We won game 5, so the series goes back home with us again facing elimination in this one on a Sunday afternoon. After two innings we had a 5 run lead, the biggest shot a 2 run Marco Scutaro double.  Ryan Vogelsong took it from there, 7 innings, 4 hits, 1 earned, 9 strikeouts, 1 walk.  We win 6-1 to even the series.  Game 7 is tomorrow - winner takes the pennant, just like 25 years prior.

2014 World Series Game 1 at Kansas City, Madison Bumgarner goes 7, gives up just 4 baserunners, we beat the Royals easily 7-1. We ripped James Shields for 3 in the first including a 2 run Hunter Pence homer and then added two in the 4th, Mike Morse had a run scoring single. Two more in the 7th including Joe Panik tripling home a run.  It's an easy game 1 for the good guys.  Game 2 tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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