2017-2018 NFL Playoff Predictions

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Here are my 2017-18 NFL playoff picks.

AFC WC: KC over Tenn
                 Jax over Buff

-Those are also the teams I'm rooting for, Montana/Allen are two of my guys and played together in KC and I've had a Chiefs soft spot since. I'd root for KC in any playoff matchup.

-I'd rather Buffalo won a Super Bowl than Jacksonville, but the Bills have zero chance in a second round game and while the Jags chance isn't great, it's better than zero and I really don't want to see either the Patriots or Steelers in this Super Bowl.

-NFC WC: Rams over Atl
                  NO over Carol

-I'm actually for the Rams, as a Niner fan, I always missed the LA Rams and have enjoyed them being back and am looking forward to having a real rivalry.  I'd like to see them advance past this round. 

-I'd like to see the Saints lose, the Niners have their pick so the sooner they exit the better, but that's really not likely in round one.

AFC Divisional:  NE over KC
                             Pitt over Jax

-I can't imagine anyone other than the fan bases for these two teams wanting anything to do with them anymore, but they've stretched their advantage over the opposition as the season closed.  A month ago if you squinted you could see a path for the Jags, that seems really unlikely now.  I'm against both and against both hard, but picking both Pats and Steelers.

NFC Divisional: NO over Phil
                            Minn over LA

-Foles has really struggled the past couple of weeks, the Eagles need a blizzard, just deathly cold conditions to throw off the Saints.  I'm for the Eagles in any matchup in this round, but picking the Saints.

-The Vikings look like the best team in the NFC and I'll be rooting for them to win the conference championship game.  I'm fine with the Rams here, but the Vikes are narrowly the better side. 

AFC Title: NE over Pitt
NFC Title: Minn over NO

-I'm heartily for the Vikings here and would root for the Rams in the same spot. 
-These are the two best teams in football; I took the Patriots at the beginning of the season because why bet against Goliath and will stick with them here.  I'd root for the Steelers in this spot and hope for the SB IX rematch

SB LII  NE over Minn
-Go Vikings. 

16 Team MLB Simulation League: Team 9 - The 1970s.

What This Is+The 19th Century Team

1. C Johnny Bench
16. 1B Eddie Murray (Switch)
4. 2B Joe Morgan (LH)
7. SS Robin Yount
4. 3B George Brett (LH)
5. LF Carl Yastrzemski (LH)
11. CF Reggie Smith (Switch)
5. RF Frank Robinson

12. C Gene Tenace
32. 1B Tony Perez
14. 2B Willie Randolph
33. SS Davey Concepcion
12. 3B Dick Allen
7. LF Pete Rose (Switch)
13. CF Jimmy Wynn
8. RF Reggie Jackson (DH) (LH)

Starting Pitchers
7. Tom Seaver
14. Bert Blyleven
19. Steve Carlton (LH)
23. Ferguson Jenkins

37. Jim Palmer
39. Rick Reuschel
55. Luis Tiant
61. Frank Tanana (LH)

Goose Gossage

Mgr. Sparky Anderson
Coaches: Whitey Herzog, Dick Howser

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