July 30 - Top 5 Moments in San Francisco Giants History

Sunday, July 30, 2017

What is this all about?


Here are the top 5 July 30 moments in San Francisco Giants history.

1959 home vs. Phillies game 101, we're a half game out of first - 2-2 with 2 out in the 5th, Willie Mays singles home Eddie Bressoud off of Robin Roberts, we're gonna win it 7-2 and retake first place. This is Willie McCovey's first major league game, he tripled twice and added two singles for 8 total bases.  Mays hit, of course, 660 career homers, 97 of them against the Dodgers.

1951 - Newcombe and Clyde King
1952 - Branca and Ben Wade
1954 - Erskine 4 times, Clem Labine, Johnny Podres, Preacher Roe, Newcombe, Russ Meyer, Billy Loes
1955 - Newcome, Labine 3 times, Erskine twice more, Podres 3 times, Ed Roebuck, Loes, Meyer
1956 - Ken Lehman, Newcombe, Drysdale twice, Koufax, Erskine, Roebuck
1957 - Podres twice, Roger Craig twice, Drysdale
..and then the move west...
1958 - Danny McDevitt twice, Ron Negray, Podres, Drysdale, Roebuck, Newcombe twice, Labine twice, Babe Birrer, Fred Kipp
1959 - Drysdale three times, Johnny Klipstein, Art Fowler, Stan Williams, Larry Sherry
1960- Sherry
1961-Williams twice, Koufax, Podres, Drysdale
1962- Willard Hunter, Podres twice, Drysdale, Koufax, Sherry
1963 - Koufax, Drysdale
1964 - Drysdale, Ron Perranoski, Phil Ortega
1965 - Claude Osteen twice, Drysdale, Howie Reed, Bob Miller, Koufax
1966 - Osteen, Miller, Perranoski
1967 - Jim Hickman, Dick Egan
1968 - Drysdale
1970 - Don Sutton three times, Sandy Vance, Joe Moeller,
1971 - Al Downing, Osteen
1973 - (and one with the Mets) Downing.  two plus decades of killing the Dodgers.

Walk off 1960 home vs. Reds - we're 7.5 out, 1-1 with 2 out in the bottom of the 10th, Jim Davenport singles home Andre Rodgers off of Jim Brosnan.  Mel Ott is the ultimate Pureblood Giant, 2730 career games, all of them with the Giants.  After that is Bill Terry 1721 games, all with the Giants. Then Travis Jackson, 1656 games.  And then Davenport at 1501 games.  Obviously, all of the players ahead of Davenport played in New York - but for Pureblood San Francisco Giants, the answer is Davenport.

1969 at Chicago, it's game 103, 10 days after the moon landing, we're 2 games out of first place, 3-3 with an out in the 9th, Dave Marshall singles home Gaylord Perry ('cause of course he's still in the game) off of Rich Nye.  We win it 6-3.  We got Marshall from the Angels system for Hector Torres, he plays 187 games over three seasons as a backup OF for the Giants.  He's okay, after this season we ship him with Sadecki to the Mets.

1974 at Atlanta, we're 19.5 out, 3-3 in the 12th, Chris Speier hits a bases loaded double off of Danny Frisella that clears the bags, we win it 6-3.  Adding both his stints together, Speier was a Giant for ten seasons.

2014 home vs Pirates, a week before we had a 2.5 game lead, but we've lost every game since, 6 straight, and now trail by 2.5 games.  You try dropping 5 games to the lead in a week.  It's hard to do.  Down 5-4 in the 7th, Gregor Blanco singles home the tying run off of Justin Wilson and we go on to win 7-5. Blanco was not great with the glove, but could hit enough to be a useful 4th OF for his first four Giants seasons; he wound up as the primary center fielder here when Pagan went down with an injury.

See you tomorrow.  Go Giants!

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