I Pick Football Games, Week 1 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My college picks from last weekend were here.

As was the case last season, I'm in a mirror of the LVH Supercontest, so I'll be sharing my picks each week here.  That's likely to be a later in the week thing, but with the season starting tomorrow night, I'm getting this in now.

I'll edit in my college picks when its more timely. Done.

Atlanta + 3 NO win
StL -3.5 Minn loss
Jax +10.5 Phil loss
Buff +7 Chi win
Mia +5 NE win

ECarolina +16.5 SCarolina win
Toledo +4 Missouri loss 
Iowa St +12 Kansas
Vandy +20 Ole Miss loss
CMich +3 Purdue win
Temple +3 Navy loss 
Wyo +2 AForce win


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