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Prime 9 - Shortstops. The 9 Greatest Shortstops of All Time

Monday, January 23, 2012

A thousand 20th century games at short was the qualification to make the MLB Network list.  That means no Davis and Dahlen on its list, so I'll add two to mine. My top 200 is here.

MLB Network List:
1. Wagner
2. Rodriguez
3. Ripken
4. Banks
5. Smith
6. Vaughan
7. Jeter
8. Larkin
9. Appling

My List:
1. Wagner
2. Rodriguez
3. Vaughan
4. Ripken
5. Banks
6. Davis
7. Boudreau
8. Larkin
9. Dahlen

Ozzie and Yount would make my list to replace the 19th century players.  Jeter had a bad glove; using my metrics he's 66 wins above replacement for his career, Yount's 75.  Ozzie had a bad bat, his OPS+ is 87; that makes him tough for me to rank him as high as MLB does.

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