Revelation 5 - Henry David Thoreau Invented Raisin Bread

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Henry David Thoreau, who went to jail rather than pay a 1$ tax in opposition to the Mexican War and the author of the line "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desparation," also invented raisin bread.
Next, how Ralph Waldo Emerson dabbled in Smores. "So good," the father of transcendentalism wrote, "it makes you want s'more." "Get it?" "S'more?" "Get it?" "I kill me."

The Greatest Baseball Players Ever, #200-199, ELMER FLICK AND TONY FERNANDEZ

OPS+ 149
BFW 29.7
WARP3 92.8
Flick could mash; that's the 39th best adjusted OPS in MLB history. The Tigers offered a 20 year old Ty Cobb for him even up and were turned down, Flick got into a fistfight with Nap Lajoie and was the subject of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision regarding his jumping from Phils to A's. Plus, his name was Elmer. Like Fudd. And that's boss.


Blue Jays
OPS+ 101
BFW 20.9
WARP 3 106.2
He's who you think Omar Vizquel is. Fernandez didn't kill you with the stick, but his glove was way, way better than given credit for. His career is what makes this list valuable; identifying the All-glove men who deserve to be remembered as really terrific players.

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