The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round Two, Group 4)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Last group

We wrap the first half of the Round of 64 in the NL with Group 4.  Here's who has advanced so far:

3 Braves
2 Reds
2 Cubs

The Dodgers have lost each time in 4 attempts to make the next round - they get 3 more shots in this group.

4. 1944 Cardinals (won WS)
61. 1929 Cubs (lost WS)

-the '43 Cards are already in - here's the sequel against a Cub organization trying to put a third representative in the next round.  

Catcher: Cooper (29) v. Taylor (30) Winner: StL-Cooper
First Base: Sanders (27) v. Grimm (30) Winner: StL-Sanders
Second Base: Verban (28) v. Hornsby (33) Winner: Chi-Hornsby
Shortstop: Marion (27) v. English (23) Winner: StL-Marion
Third Base: Kurowski (26) v. McMillan (33) StL-Kurowski
Left Field: Litwhiler (27) v. Stephenson (31) Winner: Chi-Stephenson
Center Field: Hopp (27) v. Wilson (29) Winner: Chi-Wilson
Right Field: Musial (23) v. Cuyler (30) Winner: StL-Musial
SP1: Cooper (31) v. Root (30) Winner: StL-Cooper
SP2: Lanier (28) v. Bush (27) Winner: StL-Lanier
SP3: Wilks (28) v. Malone (26) Winner: Chi-Malone
Closer: Schmidt (28) v. Nehf (36) Winner: StL-Schmidt
Team Offense: StL
Team Pitching: StL

Cards 12 Cubs 4 - that is a well balanced club, not a lot of holes in that Cardinal team

29. 1993 Braves (lost NLCS)
36. 1949 Dodgers (lost WS)

-the '97 and '98 Braves are already through; the Dodgers are getting wiped out so far in this round.

Catcher: Berryhill (29) v. Campanella (27) Winner: Brook-Campanella
First Base: McGriff (29) v. Hodges (25) Winner: Brook-Hodges
Second Base: Lemke (27) v. Robinson (30) Winner: Brook-Robinson
Shortstop: Blauser (27) v. Reese (30) Winner: Brook-Reese
Third Base: Pendleton (32) v. Cox (29) Winner: Atl-Pendleton
Left Field: Gant (28) v. Hermanski (29) Winner: Atl-Gant
Center Field: Nixon (34) v. Snider (22) Winner: Brook-Snider
Right Field: Justice (27) v. Furillo (27) Winner: Atl-Justice
SP1: Maddux (27) v. Newcombe (23) Winner: Atl-Maddux
SP2: Smoltz (26) v. Roe (33) Winner: Brook-Roe
SP3: Glavine (27) v. Hatten (32) Winner: Atl-Glavine
Closer: Stanton (26) v. Palica (21) Winner: Brook-Palica
Team Offense: Brook
Team Pitching: Atl

Dodgers 9 Braves 7 - that Dodger infield gets them their first entrant into the next round; Atlanta needed one more pitching win to force the tiebreak but fell short. 

13. 1942 Dodgers (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
77. 1999 Braves (lost WS)

-we're doing it again; another 1940s Dodger club, another 1990s Braves club.  

Catcher: Owen (26) v. Perez (31) Winner: Brook-Owen
First Base: Camilli (35) v. Hunter (31) Winner: Brook-Camilli
Second Base: Herman (32) v. Boone (30) Winner: Brook-Herman
Shortstop: Reese (23) v. Weiss (35) Winner: Brook-Reese
Third Base: Vaughan (30) v. Jones (27) Winner: Atl-Jones
Left Field: Medwick (30) v. Williams (32) Winner: Brook-Medwick
Center Field: Reiser (23) v. Jones (22) Winner: Atl-Jones
Right Field: Walker (31) v. Jordan (32) Winner: Brook-Walker
SP1: Higbe (31) v. Glavine (33) Winner: Atl-Glavine
SP2: Wyatt (34) v. Millwood (24) Winner: Atl-Millwood
SP3: Davis (38) v. Maddux (33) Winner: Atl-Maddux
Closer: Casey (28) v. Rocker (24) Winner: Atl-Rocker
Team Offense: Brook
Team Pitching: Atl

Dodgers 9 Braves 8 - the Braves did it in this matchup, they swept all the pitching points, forced a tiebreaker - but still lost.  Those Dodger bats are just too much to overcome, and Brooklyn puts back to back squads in the next round.

20. 1953 Dodgers (lost WS)
84. 1972 Reds (lost WS)

-Brooklyn wins back to back games; can they get a stranglehold on Group 4?

Catcher: Campanella (31) v. Bench (24) Winner: Cin-Bench
First Base: Hodges (29) v. Perez (30) Winner: Brook-Hodges
Second Base: Gilliam (24) v. Morgan (28) Winner: Cin-Morgan
Shortstop: Reese (34) v. Concepcion (24) Winner: Brook-Reese
Third Base: Cox (33) v. Menke (31) Winner: Cin-Menke
Left Field: Robinson (34) v. Rose (31) Winner: Brook-Robinson
Center Field: Snider (26) v. Tolan (26) Winner: Brook-Snider
Right Field: Furillo (31) v. Geronimo (24) Winner: Brook-Furillo
SP1: Erskine (26) v. Billingham (29) Winner: Brook-Erskine
SP2: Meyer (29) v. Grimsley (22) Winner: Cin-Grimsley
SP3: Loes (23) v. Nolan (24) Winner: Chi-Nolan
Closer: Hughes (30) v. Carroll (31) Winner: Cin-Carroll
Team Offense: Brook
Team Pitching: Brook

Dodgers 10 Reds 6 - the Reds, unlikely as it sounds, won the last 3 pitching matchups to draw even - then lost both totals and fell.  The Dodgers put their 3rd team into the Round of 32.  

When we see this group again:

4. 1944 Cardinals (won WS)
36. 1949 Dodgers (lost WS)

13. 1942 Dodgers (2nd in NL-no playoffs)
20. 1953 Dodgers (lost WS)

The next time we're back - it's AL Group 5, led by the 2018 Astros.

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