2015 NFL Playoff Predictions

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

In the pre-season, I picked Packers/Colts for Super Bowl 50, so there's that.  I did however have my Niners going 5-11.

Let's start with this weekend's games.

KC over Houston
Cincinnati over Pitt

Thoughts: The Bengal quarterback spot is still up in the air; I'll revisit once that decision is made.

                 Right now, Houston's getting 3 and the Bengals getting 2.5, were I picking against the spread, I'd take both dogs.

Sea over Minn
GB over Wash

Thoughts: The Packers are getting 1, so were I picking against the spread, I'd take them.  The Vikes are getting 6, and I would also take that number.

So, ATS, all dogs.

That would leave us with...

KC at Denver
Cincinnati at NE

Seattle at Carolina
GB at Arizona

I'll be taking the Chiefs in that scenario.  I'd love to take the Bengals, and if Dalton's back I might, but from here I'll take NE.

That would mean Kansas City at New England in the AFC Championship game.  And goddamit, I'm taking New England.

In the NFC, that Seahawk/Panther game is just big on big, I'll probably take Seattle.

And Arizona, without any concern, in their half.

From here, I'll take the Cards; I'm likely to do that anyway, but given that Seattle/Carolina is a coin flip and Arizona should walk to the conference title, that's the pick.

So, my Super Bowl pick is New England vs. Arizona.

I'm picking the Cardinals.

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