2015 NBA Finals Prediction

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The first NBA season was 1946-47 (actually, it wasn't the NBA yet, but it's the lineal forerunner).

Since then - here are the teams that have hit 10 SRS (that's simple rating system, I make a lot of reference to it for historical comparison).

1971 Bucks 11.92 - NBA Champs
1972 Lakers 11.65 - NBA Champs
1972 Bucks 10.70 - Lost to Lakers in Western Finals
1992 Bulls 10.07 - NBA Champs
1996 Bulls 11.60 - NBA Champs
1997 Bulls 10.70 - NBA Champs
2015 Warriors 10.01 -

That's it.  That's the list.  The greatest teams of all time; Oscar and Kareem; the Wilt/West team that won 33 straight.  3 of Jordan's teams.  The only team that didn't win the finals was that '72 Bucks team and they lost to the Laker team.

Before the playoffs, I gave you the Warriors.  I'm giving them to you again.

The Golden St Warriors, lets say in 6 games, are your 2015 NBA Champs.

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