The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (AL, Round Two, Group 1)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Last group

The field of 128 American League teams has been cut in half.  The Round of 64 begins.

Just to reset - I started by taking the top 128 teams in each league in pythagorean winning %; I chose fewer 19th century teams for the NL than that metric would warrant (I should have chosen none). The teams were ranked, largely based on their pythags, but I moved representatives from the same organization playing each other in round 1.  The matchups are baseball card war style - I battle each position player (whomever had most games played at that position is the starter), the top 3 starting pitchers (by IP) the closer against each other using three separate WAR metrics.  For matchups where only one team has a DH, the player with the most PA not in the lineup takes that spot. I then compare overall team total WAR for both hitting and pitching, and those scores count double.  Finally, the tiebreaker is team WAR.  For individual matchups, one player has to win by more than .5 WAR or its a push; for team totals, it's 1 WAR. The methodology favored older teams to get into the tournament and more modern teams to advance through it.  Yes, I recognize the flaws - but it's quick and fun and I enjoy it.

Lineups are listed for this round.  Ages in parentheses.

Back to Group 1 - Who Will Advance to the Round of 32???

1. 1939 Yankees (World Champions)
65. 1915 Tigers  (2nd in AL-no playoffs)

Catcher: Dickey (32) v. Stanage (32) Winner: NYY-Dickey
First Base: Dahlgren (27) v. Burns (22) Winner: Det-Burns
Second Base: Gordon (24) v. Young (26) Winner: NYY-Gordon
Shortstop: Crosetti (28) v. Bush (27) Winner: Det-Bush
Third Base: Rolfe (30) v. Vitt (25) Winner: NYY-Rolfe
Left Field: Selkirk (31) v. Veach (27) Winner: NYY-Selkirk
Center Field: DiMaggio (24) v. Cobb (28) Winner: Det-Cobb
Right Field: Keller (22) v. Crawford (35) Winner: NYY-Keller
SP1: Ruffing (34) v. Coveleski (29) Winner: Det-Coveleski
SP2: Gomez (30) v. Dauss (25) Winner: Det-Dauss
SP3: Hadley (34) v. Dubuc (26) Winner: Push
Closer: Murphy (30) v. Boland (23) Winner: Det-Boland
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: NYY

NYY 9 Det 6 - wow, the Tigers not only put up a good game, they actually had the lead on this Yankee squad headed to the totals (Cobb won that head up battle against DiMaggio) but NYY took both totals and they move to the Round of 32.

97. 1969 Twins (lost ALCS)
96. 1977 Yankees (World Champions)

-a first, Nettles plays for both teams, starting for the Yankees, backing up for the Twins

Catcher: Roseboro (36) v. Munson (30) Winner: NYY-Munson
First Base: Reese (27) v. Chambliss (28) Winner: NYY-Chambliss
Second Base: Carew (23) v. Randolph (22) Winner: Push
Shortstop: Cardenas (30) v. Dent (25) Winner: Min-Cardenas
Third Base: Killebrew (33) v. Nettles (32) Winner: Min-Killebrew 
Left Field: Allison (34) v. White (33) Winner: NYY-White
Center Field: Uhlaender (29) v. Rivers (28) Winner: NYY-Rivers
Right Field: Oliva (30) v. Jackson (31) Winner: NYY-Jackson
DH: Tovar (28) v. May (29) Winner: Min-Tovar
SP1: Perry (33) v. Figueroa (28) Winner: Min-Perry
SP2: Boswell (24) v. Torrez (30) Winner: Min-Boswell
SP3: Kaat (30) v. Guidry (26) Winner: NYY-Guidry
Closer: Perranoski (33) v. Lyle (32) Winner: Push
Team Offense: NYY
Team Pitching: Minn

NYY 8 Minn 7 - So many ways this could have flipped; Guidry beat Kaat for NYY only pitching win; Reggie beat Oliva in the slugger matchup; Randolph earned a push against Carew.  New York moves a second entrant into the Round of 32.

16. 1936 Yankees (World Champions)
80. 2011 Yankees (lost ALDS)

-Our first matchup of teams from the same organization; the '36 team is just 3 years prior to the team that already advanced, let's see how similar they are. 

Catcher: Dickey (29) v. Martin (28) Winner: 1936-Dickey
First Base: Gehrig (33) v. Teixeira (28) Winner: 1936-Gehrig
Second Base: Lazzeri (32) v. Cano (28) Winner: 2011-Cano
Shortstop: Crosetti (25) v. Jeter (37) Winner: 1936-Crosetti
Third Base: Rolfe (27) v. Rodriguez (35) Winner: 1936-Rolfe
Left Field: Powell (27) v. Gardner (27) Winner: 2011-Gardner
Center Field: DiMaggio (21) v. Granderson (30) Winner: 2011-Granderson
Right Field: Selkirk (28) v. Swisher (30) Winner: 1936-Selkirk
DH: Chapman (27) v. Posada (39) Winner: 1936-Chapman
SP1: Ruffing (31) v. Sabathia (30) Winner: 2011-Sabathia
SP2: Pearson (27) v. Burnett (34) Winner: 1936-Pearson
SP3: Broaca (33) v. Nova (24) Winner: 2011-Nova
Closer: Malone (33) v. Rivera (41) 2011-Rivera
Team Offense: 1936
Team Pitching: 2011

1936 NYY 9  2011 NYY 8 - The modern Yankees made a run, nearly earning every pitching point and having Granderson upset DiMaggio - but the '36 team's bats were too strong, and the Yankees gain their third entrant into the Round of 32.

112. 1978 Yankees (World Champions)
48. 1973 Orioles (lost ALCS)

-Paul Blair is the starting CF for the Orioles; 5 years later he's the 5th OF for the Yankees.  Blair vs. Blair!  We just saw the '77 Yankees advance; here's the subsequent club. Can New York sweep Group 1?

Catcher: Munson (31) v. Williams (24) Winner: Push
First Base: Chambliss (29) v. Powell (31) Winner: NYY-Chambliss
Second Base: Randolph (23) v. Grich (24) Winner: Balt-Grich
Shortstop: Dent (26) v. Belanger (29) Winner: Balt-Belanger
Third Base: Nettles (33) v. Robinson (36) Winner: NYY-Nettles
Left Field: Piniella (34) v. Baylor (24) Winner: Push
Center Field: Rivers (29) v. Blair (29) Winner: Balt-Blair
Right Field: Jackson (32) v. Rettenmund (30) Winner: Push
DH: Johnson (30) v. Davis (34) Winner: Balt-Davis
SP1: Guidry (27) v. Palmer (27) Winner: NYY-Guidry
SP2: Figueroa (29) v. Cuellar (36) Winner: NYY-Figueroa
SP3: Tidrow (31) v. McNally (30) Winner: Balt-McNally
Closer: Gossage (26) v. Reynolds (26) Winner: NYY-Gossage
Team Offense: Balt
Team Pitching: NYY

Balt 8 NYY 7 - the Yankees lose the tiebreaker and fail to sweep Group 1; all you have to do is focus on RF - Marv Rettenmund is able to earn a push with Reggie Jackson, that forces a tie and the Oriole bats take care of business in the tiebreaker.  

When Group 1 returns for the Round of 32:

1. 1939 Yankees (World Champions)
96. 1977 Yankees (World Champions)

16. 1936 Yankees (World Champions)
48. 1973 Orioles (lost ALCS)

We return to the NL Group 1 next, led by the 1906 Cubs.

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