Tendown July 5, 2015

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tendown 181 is here. This is 182.

1. Slow down on how much you love this Court.

2. How Many Small Government Republicans Are in Favor of This?

3. Even the Klan wouldn't say that immigrants are rapists.

4. Obama - Yeah, This Has Actually Been a Heck of a Presidency.

5. Christianity continues to be attacked.

6. A Half Century of Maria.

7. Okay - it's not her fault - but the balls on this girl...


And one more..

This week.  Yikes.  Finger infection.  I went to a Giants game in Miami, which, for longtime readers, ended as you'd think it would, the same way if did in four playoff games in '97 and '03, with a walkoff loss.  The other thing that happened is I blew an interview for a job I didn't want.

So - I have a job, but I need two, 'cause money. To get an an online adjunct job in 2015 means 3 rounds of interviews plus an additional essay round (fortunately, I didn't have to take the personality tests that have been required from other schools, which is a word I nearly put in quotation marks).  I was in the final round with, who I believe would have been my boss's boss, had what happened not happened.  Going in, given the surrounding circumstances, I felt confident the last interview was largely a formality.

"Karen" began with a harmless "hey, you live in Florida, how's the weather?" question and I responded with a similarly noncontroversial, "Hot - the planet's on fire!" 

And that was it.  She said "well, it is summer" which is what people say when they don't understand climate change isn't a thing they can disbelieve any more than they can reject the concept of Thursdays "well it is pre Friday".  I heard the clicking of her computer and about ten minutes later it struck me that she had totally checked out of the interview.

Did I assume that someone in a hiring position for a school which has four rounds of an interview process would not be a global warming denier?  Yup.  Was this error?  

I guess.  The trouble with these online adjunct jobs is you're paid a flat rate for each course, and then what schools look to do is inflate your responsibilities.  I've done that second teaching job for six years and I can't claim a ton of enthusiam for staying on that wheel.  

"It is summer.  And don't get me started on 9-11 and vaccinations."

That's all for this time.  I'll be back next time.  If there is a next time...

Your pal, Jim

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