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Monday, October 4, 2010

Over the summer, I looked at every single season by every single San Francisco Giant - ever, evaluating them by the two dominant metrics of universal value - WAR (I used the baseball-reference version) and WARP.

The 50s and 60s are here.
The 70s are here.
The 80s are here.
The 90s are here.
The 20aughts are here.  Also there is a list of the best and worst pythag seasons of all time - the 2010 SFG had 94 pythagorean wins, making this the 5th best regular season in SFG history.  Here's the list, by pythag wins:

1. 1962 100 wins (lost 7th game of WS)
2. 2002  98 wins  (lost 7th game of WS)
2. 1993  98 wins  (finished second in NL West)
4. 2000  97 wins  (lost in NLDS)
5. 2010  94 wins

The other SFG postseason teams (2010 is our ninth trip to the postseason):

1971 88 wins (lost in NLCS)
1987 93 wins (lost in NLCS)
1989 92 wins (lost in WS)
1997 80 wins (lost in NLDS)
2003 93 wins (lost in NLDS)

The All time best and worst seasons in San Francisco Giants history are here.

The All Time Career List for the San Francisco Giants is here.  It's now updated to include the 2010 season.  Matt Cain is now the 14th best SFG of all time; Tim Lincecum is now the 19th.

Here's the 2010 Giants.  WARP is first.  WAR second

C Posey 4.4/3.7
1B Huff 8.2/5.5
2B Sanchez 2.5/1.7
SS Uribe 1.9/1.3
SS Renteria .6/.5
3B Sandoval 1/1.3
LF Burrell 3.3/2
CF Rowand .5/.4
CF Torres 5.7/5.1
RF Schierholtz 0/.4
P Cain 4.3/3.6
Lincecum 4/2.9
Zito 1.7/.7
Sanchez 3.9/2.9
Bumgarner 2.6/2.5
Romo 2.1/1.7
Casilla 2.3/1.5
Cl Wilson 5.2/2.6

Buster Posey, even without playing in April, had the best season for any SFG catcher since Brenly in '87.

Aubrey Huff had the best season for any SFG position player since Bonds in '04, and the best season for a SFG first baseman since Clark in '91.

Andres Torres had the best season for any SFG CF since Butler in '90.

Brian Wilson had the best season for any SFG closer since Nen in '98.

My 2010 MLB Awards Ballot

NL MVP - Pujols
Cy - Wainwright
ROY - Heyward

AL MVP - Longoria
Cy - Hernandez
ROY - Feliz

All AL Team - 2010
C Mauer
1B Cabrera
2B Cano
SS Ramirez
3B Longoria
OF Hamilton
OF Crawford
OF Bautista
P Hernandez
RP Soria

All NL Team - 2010
C RuizMcCann
1B Pujols
2B Prado
SS Tulowitzki
3B Wright
OF Holliday
OF Werth
OF Braun
P Wainwright
RP Wagner

My spring training predictions are here.  Note that I made specific reference to a handful of season win totals in which I thought there were investment possibilities.  You're welcome:

Mets - under 81 Win
Cubs - under 85 Win
Astros - over 73.5 Win
Tampa - over 89 Win
Yanks - under 95.5 Win
Angels - under 84 Win
Orioles - over 74.5 Loss
White Sox - under 84 Loss

I finished 2nd, 2nd, and 4th in my 3 fantasy leagues.  I went into the last day tied in the AL league, but finished completely out of the money this year.

By pythagorean record, the 90 win teams in MLB this season:

Tampa 97-65
NYY - 96-66
Minnesota - 93-69
Texas 92-70

Philadelphia 94-98
SFG 94-68
Atlanta 93-69
Cincinnati 92-70
San Diego 91-71
St Louis 90-72

I'll do my postseason predictions probably first thing Wednesday, but I'm likely to say:

Tampa d. Texas
NYY d. Minn
Tampa d. NYY

Philly d. Cinc
SFG d. Atlanta
Philly d. SFG

Tampa d. Philly

I'll make a Giants post next, putting the 2010 SFG in historical context.

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