The Greatest MLB Tournament Ever Created (NL, Round One, Group 3)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Last group is here.

National League Round One, Group 3

3. 1909 Cubs   (2nd in NL)
126. 1889 Dodgers (Bridegrooms) (Lost WS)

-The '06 Cubs are the top overall NL seed; they've already advanced, three years later they're back - Tinker is 28, Evers 27, Chance 32 and so is Three Finger Brown - all Hall of Famers.  This is our first look at the 19th century Dodgers, led by a 25 year old Bob Caruthers.  

C Dodgers-Clark
1B Dodgers-Foutz
2B Cubs-Evers
SS Cubs-Tinker
3B Cubs-Steinfeldt
LF Dodgers-O'Brien
CF Cubs-Hoffman
RF Dodgers-Burns
SP1 Cubs-Brown
SP2 Cubs-Overall
SP3 Cubs-Reulbach
Cl Cubs-Hagerman
Double: Bat WAR Dodgers

Double: Pit WAR Cubs

Cubs 10 Dodgers 6 - the pitching advantage for the Cubs was overwhelming and they advance.

62. 1903 Pirates (lost WS)
67. 1931 Giants (2nd in NL)

-The second overall seed in the NL was the '02 Pirates, they've already advanced as have the '06 Pirates.  A 29 year old Honus Wagner and 30 year old Fred Clarke look to get their third squad into the Round of 64.  The Giants have been less successful - three teams from the 20s are already knocked out.  This club has a 32 year old Bill Terry, a 22 year old Mel Ott, and a 28 year old Carl Hubbell.  

C Giants-Phelps
1B Giants-Terry
2B Pirates-Ritchey
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Pirates-Leach
LF Pirates-Clarke
CF Pirates-Beaumont
RF Giants-Ott
SP1 Pirates-Phillippe
SP2 Pirates-Leever
SP3 Giants-Walker
Cl Push
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Pirates

Pirates 9 Giants 4 - The trends continue, player by player the Pirates had the advantage and kept that rolling through the entire pitching staff.  

30. 1918 Cubs (Lost WS)
99. 1920 Dodgers (Robins) (Lost WS)

We just saw the '09 Cubs; this is a different squad, 30 year old Hippo Vaughn and 28 year old Max Flack. We haven't seen a Dodgers team from this era, this is a 32 year old Zack Wheat and a 26 year old Burleigh Grimes. 

C Cubs-Killefer
1B Cubs-Merkle
2B Dodgers-Kilduff
SS Cubs-Hollocher
3B Dodgers-Johnston
LF Dodgers-Wheat
CF Dodgers-Myers
RF Cubs-Flack
SP1 Cubs-Vaughn
SP2 Cubs-Tyler
SP3 Push
Cl Dodgers-Mamaux
Double: Bat WAR Push
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 7 Cubs 6 - The Cubs had the matchup pitching edge, but the Dodgers overall pitching staff win gets them the upset.

35. 2011 Phillies (lost NLDS)
94. 1877 Braves (Red Stockings) (1st in NL)

-It's the first 21st century NL team of the tournament, Utley and Rollins are both 32, so is Cliff Lee - Halladay is older, he's 34, and Cole Hamels is younger, he's 27.  They're playing a Reconstruction Era Braves team with 4 Hall of Famers - Deacon White (29) Jim O'Rourke (26) and George and Harry Wright (30 and 42). The Braves are going to lose, 1877 is too far back to make sense for the tournament.

C Phillies-Ruiz
1B Braves-White
2B Phillies-Utley
SS Phillies-Rollins
3B Phillies-Polanco
LF Braves-O'Rourke
CF Phillies-Victorino
RF Phillies-Pence
SP1 Phillies-Halladay
SP2 Phillies-Lee
SP3 Phillies-Hamels
Cl Phillies-Madson
Double: Bat WAR Phillies
Double: Pit WAR Phillies

Phillies 14 Braves 2 - as mentioned, the deck was stacked here and the Phillies cruise

14. 1919 Reds (Won WS)
115. 2013 Braves (Lost NLDS)
-The Reds have already placed 3 teams into the Round of 64, a 29 year old Heinie Groh and 26 year old Edd Roush try to make it a 4th. The Braves are the second 21st century NL team and try to duplicate the success of the first with three 23 year olds - Freddie Freeman, Jason Heyward, Andrelton Simmons.  

C Braves-McCann
1B Braves-Freeman
2B Reds-Rath
SS Braves-Simmons
3B Reds-Groh
LF Braves-Upton
CF Reds-Roush
RF Braves-Heyward
SP1 Push
SP2 Reds-Ruether
SP3 Reds-Sallee
Cl Braves-Kimbrel
Double: Bat WAR Reds
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 8 Reds 7 - everything was razor thin, these teams really couldn't have been more evenly matched, but those modern teams who managed to make the field just have a little bit extra and that carried Atlanta to the Round of 64.

51. 2018 Dodgers (Lost WS)
78. 1993 Giants (2nd in West)

-It's my favorite all time team, the '93 Giants, Barry Bonds is 28, Will Clark's 29, Matt Williams is 27.  They face last year's Dodgers - Clayton Kershaw's 30, Manny Machado's 25, Justin Turner's 33.  The 21st NL teams are unbeaten - can my Giants knock them off.

C Dodgers-Grandal
1B Dodgers-Bellinger
2B Giants-Thompson
SS Dodgers-Taylor
3B Giants-Williams
LF Giants-Bonds
CF Dodgers-Hernandez
RF Dodgers-Puig
SP1 Giants-Swift
SP2 Giants-Burkett
SP3 Dodgers-Buehler
Cl Giants-Beck
Double: Bat WAR Giants
Double: Pit WAR Dodgers

Dodgers 9 Giants 8 - ah, come on.  The Dodgers pitching depth gets them a win in the tiebreaker.  Come on.  

19. 1998 Braves (Lost NLCS)
110. 1880 Cubs (White Stockings) (1st in NL)

The Cubs are going to lose, that hundred year difference is just too much as we've seen sufficiently, I think. You know the deal with the Braves - it's Maddux (32) Glavine (32) and Smoltz (31). The '97 Braves have already advanced.  The Cubs have a 22 year old King Kelly and a 28 year old Cap Anson.

C Braves-Lopez
1B Cubs-Anson
2B Push
SS Cubs-Burns
3B Braves-Jones
LF Cubs-Dalrymple
CF Braves-Jones
RF Cubs-Kelly
SP1 Braves-Maddux
SP2 Braves-Glavine
SP3 Braves-Neagle
Cl Braves-Ligtenberg
Double: Bat WAR Braves
Double: Pit WAR Braves

Braves 11 Cubs 4 - The Cubs actually had the advantage until we got to the pitching and from that point it was a rout.  

46. 1912 Pirates (2nd in NL)
83. 1977 Phillies (Lost NLCS)

-Three Honus Wagner teams have already advanced; in 1912 he was 38, can he make it a quartet?  The greatest shortstop ever faces off against the greatest third baseman ever, as 27 year old Mike Schmidt leads the Phillies. 

C Phillies-Boone
1B Phillies-Hebner
2B Phillies-Sizemore
SS Pirates-Wagner
3B Phillies-Schmidt
LF Phillies-Luzinski
CF Push
RF Phillies-Johnstone
SP1 Phillies-Carlton
SP2 Pirates-Camnitz
SP3 Pirates-O'Toole
Cl Pirates-Robinson
Double: Bat WAR Phillies
Double: Pit WAR Pirates

Phillies 9 Pirates 6 - the Bucs don't add that 4th squad as they fall to a more modern team who really dominates them offensively.  

That sets up this bracket for the Round of 64:

1909 Cubs
1903 Pirates

1920 Dodgers
2011 Phillies

2013 Braves
2018 Dodgers

1998 Braves
1977 Phillies

Back with AL Group 4 next - headed up by the 1910 A's

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