All Time San Francisco 49ers 53 man Roster

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You can get to every NFC Championship Game in 49er history here.

So, here's the new project - it's all time NFL rosters for each franchise.  I'm doing 53 man rosters, focusing on the total value for the career earned while playing for that particular franchise.  I'll do one for every current franchise.

Lists are current through the end of the 2017 season.

Here we go.

Let’s go ahead and fill out the all time 53 man Niners roster.

QB Joe Montana
                Steve Young
                John Brodie
                Frankie Albert
RB  Joe Perry
        Roger Craig
              Frank Gore
              Hugh McElhenny
WR Jerry Rice
       Terrell Owens
              Gene Washington
              Dwight Clark
              John Taylor
TE Brent Jones
             Vernon Davis
C Jesse Sapolu
GRandy Cross
G Guy McIntyre
T Bob St. Clair
T Harris Barton
           OL Joe Staley
           OL Steve Wallace
           OL Keith Fahnhorst
           OL Len Rohde

DE Justin Smith
DT Leo Nomellini
DT Bryant Young
DE Charlie Krueger
              DL Dana Stubblefield
              DL Michael Carter
              DL Dwaine Board
              DL Tommy Hart
              DL Cedric Hardman
OLB  Dave Wilcox
MLB Patrick Willis
OLB  Charles Haley
              LB NaVorro Bowman
             LB Keena Turner
             LB Matt Hazeltine
             LB Ken Norton
             LB Willie Harper
             LB Mike Walter
CB Jimmy Johnson
S Ronnie Lott
S Dwight Hicks
CB Eric Wright
            DB Merton Hanks
            DB Don Griffin
             DB Tim McDonald
            DB Abe Woodson
            DB Mel Phillips
PK Ray Wersching
P Andy Lee


DennisVee said...

Good picks... I'm just curious, but did Kermit Alexander come close to making one of the DB spots?? Also, I thought I might see Frank Nunley, Skip Vanderbundt or Mike Walter on the LB list. I guess Willie Harper was about as decent as any of those three -- pretty much a toss-up if you ask me..

Jim said...

Thanks for the notes, I'll probably take them in order of oldest post.

1. Alexander would have been next after the guys I mentioned in the comment, and if you like him more than Griffin I wouldn't object I was doing a thing with some teams where I would take a returner, and that's Woodson here.

2. Agree on the linebackers.

DennisVee said...

I just noticed this... You have the unheralded Tommy Hart making the combined Raiders/Niners squad, but not making the just 49ers team....

Jim said...

Yeah, I meant Hardman; I went back and forth with them on the original Niners post, and confused which one finished up in Oakland.

erte said...

My father is about to write a book on the 49ers best players. You have done a great job of listing players from San Francisco here. He was also in football team of San Francisco for couple of years.

marcj said...

Your description on famous 49ers is quite good, but I got a little confused because I don’t have that much interest in sports. Sometimes I watch sports but that’s just for fun but I liked your post.

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