MLB 2014 Top 100 80-61

Saturday, February 22, 2014

100-81 is here.

MLB Network is beginning it's countdown of the 100 best players in baseball for the upcoming year, each time they roll out a new section, I'll do the same with mine, and add a bonus at the bottom.

MLB Network
80. Albert Pujols (I've got him higher, bullish on Pujols this year, maybe for the last time)
79. Pedro Alvarez (he's below)
78. Sal Perez (not on my list, he'd be just outside)
77. Carlos Santana (already appeared)
76. Josh Hamilton (already appeared)
75. Eric Hosmer (didn't make it)
74. Hunter Pence (he's below)
73. Michael Cuddyer (that is crazy)
72. Justin Upton (much higher)
71. Anibal Sanchez (higher)
70. Jason Kipnis (already appeared)
69. Gio Gonzalez (higher)
68. Madison Bumgarner (much higher)
67. Greg Holland (all my closers have already appeared)
66. James Shields (already appeared)
65. Matt Carpenter (much...much higher)
64. Brian McCann (already appeared)
63. JJ Hardy (not on my list - there isn't a person on the planet who thinks he's better than Carpenter)
62. Ian Desmond (not on my list)
61. Jose Reyes (much higher)

80. CJ Wilson
79. Neil Walker
78. Pedro Alvarez
77. Doug Fister
76. Aaron Hill
75. Carlos Gomez
74. David Ortiz
73. Jed Lowrie
72. Yoenis Cespedes
71. Jordan Zimmerman
70. Manny Machado
69. Brett Lawrie
68. Everth Cabrera
67. Kyle Seager
66. Chase Utley
65. Alex Cobb
64. Shane Victorino
63. Jayson Werth
62. Hunter Pence
61. Jedd Gyorko

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