The Sweet Sixteen - 2012

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So, who's going to the final four?

My smart bracket has Kentucky, Wichita, Baylor, Duke left in the region.
My fun bracket has Kentucky, Wichita, South Dakota St, Duke.
The actual bracket has Kentucky, Indiana, Baylor, Xavier

I'll take Kentucky and Baylor, with Kentucky making the final four.

My smart bracket has Michigan St, New Mexico, Marquette, Missouri
My fun bracket has Michigan St, Long Beach St, Marquette, Missouri
The actual bracket has Michigan St, Louisville, Marquette, Florida

I'll take Michigan St and Florida, with Michigan St making the final four.

My smart bracket has Syracuse, Wisconsin, Florida St, Ohio St
My fun bracket has Syracuse, Wisconsin, St Bonaventure, Ohio St
The actual bracket has Syracuse, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Ohio St

I'll take Syracuse and Ohio St, with Ohio St making the final four.

My smart bracket was Carolina, Michigan, Georgetown, Kansas
My fun bracket was Carolina, Cal, Belmont, Kansas
The actual bracket is Carolina, Ohio, NC St, Kansas

I'll take Carolina and Kansas, with Carolina making the final four.

Top 10 Right Now - Center Fielders (2012)

Part of a series. Previous post is here.

MLB Network List:

10. Andres Torres
9. Marlon Byrd
8. Adam Jones
7. Chris Young
6. Michael Bourn
5. Shane Victorino
4. Curtis Granderson
3. Andrew McCutcheon
2. Jacoby Ellsbury
1. Matt Kemp

My List:
10. Angel Pagan
9. Chris Young
8. BJ Upton
7. Cameron Maybin
6. Adam Jones
5. Shane Victorino
4. Curtis Granderson
3. Andrew McCutcheon
2. Jacoby Ellsbury 
1. Matt Kemp

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