Okay, Who Got Screwed?

Monday, July 6, 2015

The final fan pick is still left.  Here's where we stand.

C Posey
1B Goldschmidt
2B Gordon
SS Peralta
3B Frazier
LF Holliday?
CF McCutchen
RF Harper

3B Bryant
OF Pederson
1B Gonzalez
3B Arenado
SS Crawford
C Molina
C Grandal
1B Rizzo
2B LeMahieu
2B Panik
OF Pollock
OF Upton
Inj Stanton

Votto, Turner definitely should have made the team.  I also would have picked Granderson, but he'd go if that third catcher was needed.  

P Scherzer
P Greinke
P Cole
P Bumgarner
P Wacha
P DeGrom
P Miller
P Burnett

RP Rosenthal
RP Chapman
RP Melancon
RP Papelbon
RP Rodriguez

All Star teams have ridiculous numbers of relievers, this is no exception.  Hamels winds up getting left off at the expense of Papelbon.  Cueto lost his for Chapman, which is not that big a deal.

1. Votto
2. Turner
3. Hamels

All should make the team. 

C Perez
1B Pujols
2B Atluve
SS Escobar
3B Donaldson
LF Cain
CF Trout
RF Gordon
DH Cruz

3B Machado
OF Jones
DH Fielder
OF Bautista
C Martin
2B Kipnis
C Vogt
OF Holt
1B Teixeira
SS Iglesias
OF Martinez
Inj Cabrera

The AL. Miller and Gardner should be starting and neither made the team. Miller's a small crime, best of a bad lot - but Gardner should have made the team. Dozier should have definitely made the team. I'd have Bogaerts over Iglesias, but again, shortstops.  And then backup outfielders - Kiermaier, Pillar, Cespedes over Holt, Martinez, Tex.  None of those changes are dire, but Kiermaier really should have made this team.

SP Sale
SP Keuchel
SP Gray
SP Hernandez
SP Price
SP Archer

RP Betances
RP Boxberger
RP Britton
RP Davis
RP Herrera
RP O'Day
RP Perkins

Seven Relievers!  Awful.  I had Price just missing the team; Gallardo's having a better year and should make it - I'd take four relievers off the roster and replace them with starters, but outside of Gallardo none of the left out starters has a real beef.  Even Gallardo can't say he got screwed.

1. Gardner
2. Dozier
3. Kiermaier

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