A Tiered MLB Hall of 200-First Basemen

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Through 2017. 

The explanation for all of this is here.


First Basemen

Inner Circle
Lou Gehrig (1923-39, Yankees) WAR 105.25 OPS+179 PA 9663 (WAR/PA .0109)
Albert Pujols (2001-, Cardinals) WAR 107.85 OPS+152 PA 11188 (.0097)
Jimmie Foxx (1925-45, A's) WAR 88.5 OPS+ 163 PA 9676 (91)

Middle Circle
Cap Anson (1871-97, White Stockings) WAR 95.45 OPS+ 142 PA 11331 (84)
Frank Thomas (1990-08, White Sox) WAR 84.05 OPS+ 156 PA 10075 (83)
Dan Brouthers (1879-04, Bisons) WAR 81.3 OPS+ 171 PA 7691 (.0106)
Roger Connor (1880-97, Giants) WAR 87 OPS+153 PA 8847 (98)
Jim Thome (1991-2012, Indians) WAR 81.6 OPS+ 147 PA 10313 (79)
Johnny Mize (1936-53, Cardinals) WAR 71.35 OPS+158 PA 7370 (97)

Outer Circle
Mark McGwire (1986-01, Athletics) WAR 68.65 OPS+ 163 PA 7660 (90)
Jeff Bagwell (1991-05, Astros) WAR 75.55 OPS+149 PA 9431 (80)
Todd Helton (1997-2013, Rockies) WAR 66.8 OPS+133 PA 9453 (71)
Willie McCovey (1959-80, Giants) WAR 65.9 OPS+147 PA 9692 (68)
David Ortiz (1997-16, Red Sox) WAR 66.9 OPS+141 PA 10091 (67)
Rafael Palmeiro (1986-05, Rangers) WAR 73 OPS+ 132 PA 12046 (61)
Eddie Murray (1977-97, Orioles) WAR 69.95 OPS+ 129 PA 12817 (55)
Joey Votto (2007-, Reds) WAR 59.9 OPS+ 158 PA 6141 (98)
Hank Greenberg (1930-47, Tigers) WAR 54.4 OPS+158 PA 6098 (89)

Last Out
Will Clark (1986-00, Giants) WAR 60.1 OPS+ 137 PA 8283 (73)
Keith Hernandez (1974-90, Cardinals) WAR 63.25 OPS+ 128 PA 8553 (74)

On Deck
Adrian Gonzalez (2004-Padres) WAR 52.75 OPS+ 130 PA 7859 (67)

Second base is next..


Anonymous said...

This really isn't the right place to comment, but I was wondering about your thoughts on the whole Bill Cosby meme to-do.

Jim said...

Two thoughts.

1. I thought about Cosby when the Woody Allen thing flared up at the top of the year (he got an award, Diane Keaton spoke, Mia's daughter and Ronan Farrow tweeted - remember that?) There was a "you can't separate art from artist" thing that made (maybe still makes) Woody feel radioactive and I voiced that Cosby wasn't getting the same treatment and wondered why that was.

2. On the merits, I dunno. I feel similarly about Jameis Winston, allegations aren't convictions, and when those on the left treat them as they are I get queasy, even while understanding the challenge that convictions are hard to get. I'm neither standing and saying "all accused are guilty" nor saying "shut up about Bill Cosby" as no one is saying "shut up about Woody Allen."

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was responding to that comment: at the time I was wondering if it was as simple as you just being a Woody fan and going on the defensive for him. I have heard/read a few people go "Shut up about Woody Allen", and to be honest, my pathological hatred of the man goes beyond me not liking the movies. Still, the DA in charge of that case threw it out before going to trial despite the rather damning evidence.

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