A Tiered MLB Hall of 200

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Here's this project.

I'm going to take the top 18 players at each position and tier them.  3 to the inner circle; 6 to the middle; 9 to the outer.

That's for position players, DH's will be funneled into the position with which they're best associated.

54 starting pitchers.  9 inner circle, 18 middle, 27 outer circle.

6 relievers.  1 in the inner, 2 in the middle, 3 in the outer.

That's 204 players.  I may have too many relievers.  If one day you check and I'm down to 3, I've reconsidered. 

The WAR number is a combination of baseball-reference and Clay Davenport; to my eyes its the best number for historical comparison.  I'll also be using OPS+ and ERA+.  Simple.  After 2016, I added a WAR/PA %.

Additionally, I'll reference the player just outside the outer circle and the active player closest to breaking into the outer tier. The team will be the one best associated with the player (if I have to pick a cap, it's the one he's wearing; I'm not splitting caps)

Got it?

I'll start with catchers first.

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