Wrapping it Up - the 2013 San Francisco Giants

Monday, September 30, 2013

You can get to 2012 here.

The 2013 Giants were not good - with 74 pythagorean wins, this is the 12th worst San Francisco Giants club ever.  Each year, I break down the performance by WAR (B-Ref+Davenport) to put the season in perspective. The number next to each player represents his WAR.

C BPosey 5.35
-a more than 2.5 win drop from 2012; this now becomes the second greatest season ever for a SFG catcher

1B BBelt 4.85
-2 win gain for Belt in his best season yet.

2B MScutaro 2.4
-almost identical to his performance the season before

SS BCrawford 1.85
- a drop of over a win from '12.

3B PSandoval 2.15
-a drop of over a win from '12

LF GBlanco 1.95
- a 3 win drop from Melky Cabrera's 2012.

CF APagan 1.05
-a 3.5 win drop from '12.  You see why we only won 74 pythag?

RF HPence 5.7
-The Giants best player in 2013; and a nearly 6 win gain.

OF JPerez 1.05
-The only other position player worth noting; Perez was worth a win in under 100 PA, he should be a real contender for more playing time at least as a useful 4th OF next year.

P MBumgarner 4.6
-almost a 2.5 win gain for Bumgarner, he was not quite as good as Cain, last year's ace.
    Things are about to get ugly.

    MCain .95
-As in less than one WAR. Cain lost 4 wins.

    YPetit .55
-Petit, at half a win, was our third best starting pitcher (4th, really, Gaudin was a swingman and will appear in a second)

    TLincecum -.3
-Lincecum's a sub replacement level pitcher, two straight seasons.  You should not be rooting for his return.

    R.Vogelsong -2.05
    B. Zito -2.85

The previous worst season for any San Francisco Giants player was Terry Mulholland's -2.35 in 1995.

This is half a win worse.  Barry Zito's 2013 is the worst season for any San Francisco Giant ever. A fitting end to his Giants career (Vogelsong is bottom ten ever)

Notable Rest:

P CGaudin 1.6
   S Romo 1.95
   S.Casilla 1.65
   J.Lopez 1.35
   J. Machie 1.15

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