All Time San Francisco Giants Starting 9: 1958-69

Monday, September 30, 2013

Here would be the top lineup, position by position, year by year, for the San Francisco Giants from their first year, 1958, until the end of the 60s.  Note, I'm strictly adhering to the dominant position for each player in each season (you won't see Mays at each OF position; he played center).

The number is my WAR, made from combining baseball-reference and Davenport.  

C Tom Haller 1967 4.0
-Haller had 5 of the top 6 seasons.

1B Willie McCovey 1969 8.05
-McCovey had 5 of the top 6 seasons

2B Ron Hunt 1968 5.15
-Hunt was 1-2.

SS Daryl Spencer 1958 3.85
-The only representative from that first SFG team to hold his spot through a dozen years.

3B Jim Ray Hart 1966 5.85
-Hart had the top three seasons.

LF Willie McCovey 1963 6.05
-McCovey beats out Cepeda at both positions.

CF Willie Mays 1964 10.95
-The 8 best Giants position player seasons in this period were from Mays.  8.  The 60s Giants weren't Mays, McCovey, Cepeda, the 60s Giants were Mays.

RF Bobby Bonds 1969 5.95

P Juan Marichal 1965 10.75
-Marichal has 6 of the top 7 slots.

RP Frank Linzy 1965 4.25

And the worst Giant season....

RF Jesus Alou 1966 -2.45

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