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The 25 Best Professional Wrestling Matches of 2012/Best WWE/TNA Matches of 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

My Top 25 Matches of 2011 and my choice for the best wrestler of the year are here.

This will be an ongoing list of every 4 1/2+ star match in the world I see in 2012; I use Meltzer's calendar, so 2012 actually starts in December, 2011, and those are the matches I'm watching right now (I'm through November, 2012 I'll edit all year long). I'll also keep a running total of any 4 star matches from WWE and TNA.

Based on the past few years, I'll see just short of 50 matches that will make this list.

Edit - I'm at the end of the year.  Here's the 25 Best Matches This Year and the Best Wrestler of 2012.

1. Match of the Year: Kota Ibushi (The Wrestler of the Year) v. Kenny Omega (DDT August) 5
2. Richards v. Elgin (ROH March) 5
3. Richards v. Elgin (PWG September) 4 3/4
4. Omega v. Kai (AJPW May) 4 3/4
5. Low Ki/BxB Hulk/Tozawa v. Pac/Mochizuki/Ricochet (DGUSA March) 4 3/4
6. Kotaro/Aoki v. Marvin/Crazy (NOAH, March) 4 3/4
7. Richards/O'Reilly v. Edwards/Cole (March, ROH) 4 3/4
8. Richards v. Edwards (December, 2011 ROH) 4 3/4
9. Morishima v. Go (NOAH July) 4 1/2
10. Ibushi v. Generico (DDT September) 4 1/2
11. Ibushi v. Generico (DDT October) 4 1/2
12. Tanahashi v. Suzuki (NJPW October) 4 1/2
13. Yoshino/Gargano v. Fox/DKid (Oct DG) 4 1/2
14. CIMA/Fox v. Ricochet/Swann (July DGUSA) 4 1/2
15. Devitt v. Pac (NJPW, June) 4 1/2
16. Ibushi v. Generico (The Feud of the Year) (DDT May) 4 1/2
17. Bryan v. Punk (May, WWE) 4 1/2
18. Okada v. Naito (March, New Japan) 4 1/2
19. Tanahashi v. Okada (June New Japan) 4 1/2
20. Nakajima/Kensuke v. Otani/Hashimoto (Zero One, March) 4 1/2
21. Hulk/Tozawa v. Shingo/Yamato (December, 2011 Dragon Gate) 4 1/2
22. Steen v. Elgin (October ROH) 4 1/2
23. Nakajima v Tanaka (Diamond Ring, September) 4 1/2
24. Generico/Yoshino/Pac v. Tozawa/Steen/Super Dragon (Jan PWG) 4 1/2
25. Steen v. Generico (ROH March) 4 1/2

Generico v. Callihan (Evolve May) 4 1/2 

These are the four star matches from WWE/TNA:
1. Daniel Bryan v. CM Punk (May WWE) 4 1/2
2. Kurt Angle/AJ Styles v. Chris Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (June TNA) 4
3. Brock Lesnar v. John Cena (April WWE) 4
4. Jeff Hardy v. Austin Aries (October TNA) 4
5. CM Punk v. Chris Jericho (April WWE) 4
6. James Storm v. Bobby Roode (Ocrtober TNA) 4
7. Bobby Roode v. RVD (May TNA) 4
8. Kurt Angle v. AJ Styles (May TNA) 4
9. Kurt Angle v. Jeff Hardy (April TNA) 4
10. Undertaker v. HHH (April WWE) 4
11. The Shield v. Bryan/Kane/Ryback (Dec WWE) 4
12. Austin Aries v. Jeff Hardy (Nov TNA) 4
13. CM Punk v. John Cena (Sept WWE) 4
14. AJ Styles v. Chris Daniels (July TNA) 4
15. Kurt Angle/AJ Styles v. Chris Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (Sept TNA) 4
16. AJ Styles v. Chris Daniels (Dec TNA)
17. Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez v. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle v. Chris Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (Oct TNA) 4
18. Austin Aries v. Bobby Roode (July TNA) 4

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Anonymous said...

i'd add richards & o'reilly vs eddwards & cole at young wolves rising, a pure classic with everything from hold counter hold, catch, lucha and good tag team sequences and the best thing about it was the fact that whether it was intended t get cole & o'reilly or not they genually stole the spotlight from richards & eddwards

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