My 2012 NBA All Star Rosters

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

As of Tuesday morning, we're still only 2/3 of the way through the first half of the season, so by the time we actually get to the midpoint, these rosters could change.  But since starters have already been named and reserves are coming Thursday, it's time for my all star rosters.  The primary metrics I'm using are Hollinger's and Win Shares.

C Howard
F Bosh
F James
G Rose
G L. Williams

C Chandler
F Anderson
F Monroe
G Jennings
G Johnson
F Iguodala
F Boozer

Obviously a little big heavy, Irving/Wade/Deron Williams are just behind Boozer and that would be worth a revist as we get closer to 33 games in.  Anderson/Monroe would both be defensible over Bosh as a starter; the off guard spot is obviously weird with Wade's injury.


C MGasol
F Love
F Durant
G Paul
G Bryant

C Bynum
F Aldridge
F  Millsap
G Harden
G Westbrook
F PGasol
G Parker

Griffin/Pau Gasol/Millsap are close; there's no crime in leaving any off - Nash and Lowry are right behind Parker/Westbrook.   Gallinari got hurt last night or he'd be in this backup mix also.  I think the West starters are fairly clear.

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