All Time Cleveland Browns 53 Man Roster

Friday, August 26, 2011

Updated through the 2017 season. Here's my all time Browns  roster.

QB Otto Graham
       Brian Sipe
       Frank Ryan
       Bernie Kosar
RB Jim Brown
RB Marion Motley
      Leroy Kelly
      Greg Pruitt
      Mike Pruitt
WR Paul Warfield
WR Dante Lavelli
       Ray Renfro
       Gary Collins
TE Ozzie Newsome
     Milt Morin
C Frank Gatski
G Gene Hickerson
G Jim Ray Smith
T Joe Thomas
T Lou Groza
   OL Mike McCormack
   OL Doug Dieken
   OL Dick Schafrath
   OL Cody Risien
DE Len Ford
DT Bob Gain
DT Walter Johnson
DE Paul Wiggin
     DL Don Colo
     DL Michael Dean Perry
     DL Jerry Sherk
     DL Bob Golic
     DL Bill Glass
OLB Clay Matthews
MLB Vince Costello
OLB Walt Michaels
         LB Jim Houston
         LB Galen Fiss
         LB Charlie Hall
         LB Chip Banks
         LB Mike Johnson
         LB D'Quell Jackson
CB Hanford Dixon
S Clarence Scott
S Thom Darden
CB Frank Minnifield
         DB Warren Lahr
         DB Don Paul
         DB Bernie Parrish
         DB Tommy James
         DB Joe Haden
PK Phil Dawson
P Don Cockroft


DennisVee said...

Nice picks, Jim... I know some people would demand that Bernie Kosar make the list, but I have no problem with Ryan or Sipe getting the nod.. Same could be said for RBs Mike Pruitt, Byner, and Mack...

Tom Deleone could be an alternate on the O-line, and Dick "BamBam" Ambrose at LB... not sure if either were good enough to replace the guys you listed though...

And I know your feelings toward "old" old-timers, which is why I'm assuming you didn't include Dante Lavelli or Mac Speedie....

Jim said...

Both of the receivers added. The Browns quartet wasn't strong enough to keep them out.

DennisVee said...

Well, you didn't have to go THAT far.... I've always felt Gary Collins was somewhat underrated. 70 TDs on just 331 receptions is an impressive total. Especially when you figure that the great Ozzie Newsome caught exactly twice as many balls but scored just 47 times.

crimsonjoe said...

I may be wrong- isn't Dawson the only player who showed up after the team was restored?

Jim said...

That sounds right. Tangentially related, I only update the kickers every other year, so I won't look at them until after 2014.

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