All Time Pittsburgh Steelers 53 Man Roster

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Part of a series.  Previous post is here. Updated through 2017. Here's my all time Steelers roster.

QB Ben Roethlisberger
       Terry Bradshaw
       Kordell Stewart
RB Franco Harris
RB Jerome Bettis
      Le'Veon Bell
      Rocky Bleier
      Willie Parker
WR John Stallworth
WR Hines Ward
       Antonio Brown
       Lynn Swann
       Louis Lipps
 TE  Heath Miller
      Bennie Cunningham
C Mike Webster
G Alan Faneca
G Sam Davis
T Larry Brown
T Jon Kolb
   OL Maurkice Pouncey
   OL Dermonti Dawson
   OL Tunch Ilkin
   OL Ray Mansfield

DE LC Greenwood
DT Joe Greene
DT Ernie Stautner
DE Aaron Smith
      DL Casey Hampton
      DL Dwight White
      DL Bill McPeak
      DL Brett Keisel
      DL Gary Dunn
OLB Jack Ham
MLB Jack Lambert
OLB Greg Lloyd
     LB Andy Russell
     LB James Farrior
     LB James Harrison
     LB Jason Gildon
     LB Levon Kirkland
     LB Lawrence Timmons
CB Mel Blount
S Troy Polamalu
S Donnie Shell
CB Rod Woodson
    DB Carnell Lake
    DB Jack Butler
    DB Mike Wagner
    DB Glen Edwards
    DB Ike Taylor
PK Gary Anderson
P Bobby Walden


DennisVee said...

You could almost make a decent defensive unit out of the Steelers players who DIDN'T make the list..

DL Ernie Holmes, Gary Dunn, Keith Willis, Gerald Williams...
LBs Dale Dodrill and John Reger (pre-Steel Curtain era), Robin Cole, Dave Little, Bryan Hinkle and Joey Porter..
DBs Dwayne Woodruff, Darren Perry, JT Thomas, Clendon Thomas..

The Steelers have quite a history on defense, but you made the right choices for my money.. Good work!!

Blog said...

Well, at least several versions of the Jim Jividen Tipping The Scales of Justice graphic have survived the image change.

Jim said...

Guilty. I like the graphic. Had I an equivalent with pickles I suppose I'd be tempted to use it.

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