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Sunday, November 7, 2010

It hardly seems real.

My thoughts about winning the World Series are here.

Newspaper headlines the day after are here.

My WS prediction post is here.

My history of the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, now updated to include 2010 is here.

My history of the San Francisco Giants in the NLCS, now updated to include 2010 is here.

My prediction post for the NLDS is here.

My prediction post for the entire postseason is here

My breakdown of every San Francisco Giants season, literally every one, by WAR/WARP is here.  Actually, that's just the 2010 season, but it has the links to every season from 1958 on.  So, if you wondered how Aubrey Huff in 2010 compared to Al Oliver in 1984 (spoiler alert - favorably) that's where you'd go.

Would you like to see the all time best/worst seasons by San Francisco Giants?  Would you like to know the answer to - "I wonder what was the single worst season by a SFGiants second baseman ever" - I have that here.

How about our all time roster?  Who would be the fifth starter on the All Time San Francisco Giants starting pitching staff?  How about the utility infielder?  How about this - what two current Giants rank in the Top 20 All Time for San Francisco Giants value?  here.

The first Giants piece I wrote, back in 2006, which began with the line I'm a San Francisco Giants fan, we're never going to win the World Series. here.

There's no Tendown this week, which I mentioned in last week's 50 issue post, which consisted of links to the  previous 49.  You can find that here.

Too much stuff to buy!  Yikes.  I need extra courses next quarter just to buy World Series merch.

Enjoy the offseason.  Starting this week will be my revised/updated countdown of the 200 greatest major league baseball players of all time.  10 a week for 20 weeks, taking us all the way up to the 2011 season.  Fun!

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