I Pick College Football Games - Week 10

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last week, awful though it was, is here.

Overall:  44-49-1  Picking 16 this week, that gets me to 110 games picked.  Took all season to get to .500 after starting so badly - blew it last week.  Goal this week is 10-6. 
VT -13.5 GT (loss)
Boise v. Hawaii under 67 (win)
Army +7 AForce (loss)
BC -3 Wake (win)
Iowa -17 Indiana (loss)
LSU +6.5 Alabama (win)
Miss v. La/La under 66 (win)
Missouri -4.5 TTech (loss)
Navy +3 ECarolina (win)
Nebraska -18 Iowa St (loss)
Okla -3 AM (loss)
Okla v AM under 62 (win)
OkSt v. Baylor under 73 (loss)
Ore St -5 UCLA (loss)
SDSt -17 Col St (loss)
Wisc -20 Purd (win)


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Blog said...

Boise/Hawaii under 67?? You expecting someone will turn their cleats inside out?

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