Revelation 10 - I Play Yahtzee

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The math's off 3 points in Game 2; so, my apologies, that's a two game total of only 776. I hit five Yahtzees in two games. Five, bitches! Five!
You can have your graduate degrees and the play and the game show. This may be my proudest achievement. In a world that operated in a way that made sense, I'd be treated like Bob Beamon for this. It's like I went Johnny Vander Meer all over the glass coffee table in my living room. Tell Billy Mitchell I'm comin' to get him. I'm comin' Mitchell! I gots 5 die, a plastic cup, and I'm comin' to bust your ass.

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Blog said...

I wrote a Yahtzee simulator and attempted to outdo your accomplishment. It took 8711 tries (scores of 511 and 278), or about four seconds, to do so.

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