200 Best Major League Baseball Players Ever, #189-188 DAZZY VANCE and DAVE CONCEPCION

Saturday, June 7, 2008

#189 DAZZY VANCE RHP Dodgers
ERA+ 125
PW 29.5
WARP3 90
Not on the list - Dizzy Dean, Dizzy Trout

OPS+ 88
BFW 18
WARP3 105.2
Won the coin flip over Vizquel. Not on the list - Rizzuto and Reese.


crimsonjoe said...

Concepion over Vizquel? I'm borderline on the arguement if Vizquel belongs in the Hall of Fame, but what's your reasoning that Concepcion was a better player?

Jim said...

Coin flip.

They're pretty similar players; once you do the adjustment for era, there's not much to choose from offensively. Concepcion's defensive numbers are better in the Davenport Translations, pushing his WARP3 above 100, whereas Omar's is currently 99.9. Vizquel has never had a year particularly close to top end Concepcion (74,79,81). It's a tight race; for me it comes down to the perception of Vizquel's defense being a little overvalued. You could put both of them on here and leave off Fernandez; you could leave them both off entirely. It's a coin flip.

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