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The 200 Greatest Baseball Players Ever, #187-186: BRIAN GILES AND GOOSE GOSSAGE

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

#187 BRIAN GILES LF/RF Pirates/Padres
1995 -
OPS+ 138
BFW 29.2
WARP3 92.4
Giles is the first active player on the list (I mean, except for Andruw, but his career has check the pulse written all over it) I've given active players a bump, trying not to be blind as to their ability to still add to their totals. Giles is nearing the end of his productive career; it's possible that he's not going to hold his position in the Top 200 4-5 years from now.

#186 GOOSE GOSSAGE RHRP WSox/Yanks/Padres
ERA+ 126
PW 29.7
WARP3 90.5
You won't see many closers on the list; there's no BSutter and he's not close - closer to making it awere LSmith and JFranco and THoffman. Closer still is Billy Wagner, who will wind up in the top 200 before he's done. Thurman Munson didn't make the list, but he's underappreciated and I wanted his pic in the blog.

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