Wrapping it Up - the 2014 San Francisco Giants

Monday, September 29, 2014

You can find 2013 here.

The 2014 Giants seem relatively unremarkable with 87 pythagorean wins,  However, out of 56 seasons, this is the first time they've hit that specific number. This is going to make the 2014 team the 21st best regular season SFG team ever.  Each year, I break down the individual player performance by WAR (B-Ref+Davenport) to put the season in perspective. The number next to each player represents his WAR.

C Buster Posey 5.65 - Posey's second best season, meaning its the second best SFG catching season ever.  

1B Brandon Belt 1.4 - Between McCovey's 1960 and '77 on the all time SFG first base list.  Belt gives up almost 3 and a half wins from the previous year.

2B Joe Panik 1.8 - A tick ahead of Robby Thompson's '87 season. A half win less than Scutaro from the previous year.  

SS Brandon Crawford 3.85 - the 5th best SFG shortstop season ever, behind Aurilia '01 and a bunch of Speiers.  A 2 win gain from '13.

3B Pablo Sandoval 4.05 - if this is it for Pablo it's his third best season, between two from should be in the Hall of Fame Darrell Evans. Almost a two win pickup.

LF Mike Morse 2.05 - between Kuenn's '62 and Herndon's '81, slight uptick from Blanco's production in '13.

LF Gregor Blanco 1.45

CF Angel Pagan 1.5 - between '02 Shinjo and '72 Maddox. Almost a half win pickup from '13.

RF Hunter Pence 3.55 - between Moises in '05 and Burks a decade earlier.  Gives back over two wins from the year before.  

C Andrew Susac 1.0 - in less than 100 PA.  

SP Madison Bumgarner 5.0 - tied with '12 Cain and '01 Ortiz. Almost half a win better than any pitcher in '13. The Giants haven't had a better season from a pitcher in five years.

      Jake Peavy 1.95

      Tim Hudson 1.05

      Tim Lincecum -1.1 - three straight sub replacement seasons.
RP Santiago Casilla 2.45 -Between Romo's '12 and Stu Miller from '59.  A half win gain from Romo's '13.  
     Jean Machi 1.65

     Jeremy Affeldt 1.5


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