Sunday, June 23, 2013

There are actors who are older than I am.

Courtney Cox is older than I am; Springsteen released Dancing in the Dark when I was 13.  Courtney Cox, dancing with Bruce in the video, was presumably not 13. That's because she's older than I am. 7 years older.

Her character on Cougar Town showed her driver's license in season two - she's still older than I am, but only two years older.

Her character has shaved five years from her age.  She's been youthanized.

Matthew Perry did this in Go On.  He is older than I am; his character, Ryan King, given college context clues, was younger.

Tina Fey did this in Admission; Tina Fey is older than I am - but her character had a baby in college three years after I graduated.

I don't begrudge actors their plastic surgery, but when you combine the ability to freeze their appearance in time with playing characters who shift their ages downward; someone has to call bullshit.

Because they're not just making them younger - as a consequence, they're making me older.

What was the biggest sin in the little person acting community according to Seinfeld (Jerry, you're also older than I am; just saying)?  Wearing lifts in your shoes.  It was heightening.

This is Youthanizing.  When an actor plays a character younger than the real age.  They're getting Youthanized.

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