Early Admission

Sunday, June 23, 2013

On a recent episode of Todd Berry's podcast, Janeane Garafolo said the best day of her stint on Criminal Minds was the episode when they killed off her character.  She didn't like the show, for all the reasons that you shouldn't like those procedural shows that fill up the CBS primetime schedule.

I liked the idea of that - moments where the actor's interest and the character's interest are diametrically opposed.

Like what - like Dwight getting the Michael chair running the Scranton branch as The Office closed its run...because Rainn Wilson's spinoff wasn't picked up.  Good for character.  Bad for actor.

I'm calling this Early Admission; Glee dealt with Britney's graduating by failing her junior year (bad for the character...good for the actor) and when Heather Morris then got pregnant, she was "written out" (Matthew Morrison's own words, on Watch What Happens Live) by getting "early admission to MIT"

Early Admission; when the interests of actor/character are opposed.

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