Top 100 NFL Players of 2013 #90-81

Friday, May 3, 2013

100-91 is here.

NFL Net List
90. P. Harvin WR Seattle (didn't make my list, he'd be 106)
89. C. Wake DE Miami (on my list, much higher)
88. J.Jones WR Balt (not on my list)
87. B. Pollard S Balt (not on my list)
86. L. Fletcher ILB Wash (was on my list last year, but not this; I've got 7 inside linebackers)
85. C. Woodson CB Unemployed (hard to say a guy without a job in May is going to be one of the 100 best players in football this season; I did not say that.)
84. S. Smith WR Carolina (on my list, higher)
83. L.Briggs OLB Chi (on my list, higher)
82. L.Mankins G NE (on my list, much higher)
81. C. Kaepernick QB San Francisco (on my list, higher)

My List
90. T.Gonzalez TE Atl
89. D.Brown G Houston
88. F. Gore RB San Francisco
87. J.Pierre-Paul DE NYG
86. J.Thomas T Cle
85. S.Weatherspoon OLB Atl
84. C.Bailey CB Denver
83. J.Babineaux DT Atl
82. J.Nelson WR GB
81. W.Welker WR Den

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