Top 100 NFL Players of 2013 #100-91

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NFL Network's now annual ranking of the best players in the league began its roll out.

In advance of that, as part of my draft prep I put together my Top 100.  I'll unveil mine section by section along with the programming.  Good times.

NFL Network List:
100. D.Pitta TE Balt (not on my list, I've got 4 TEs)
99. T.Williams T Wash (not on my list, I've got 6 Ts)
98. M. Jones-Drew RB Jax (on my list, much higher)
97. H.Miller TE Pit (wasn't one of the 4 TEs)
96. D.Goldson S Tampa (not on my list, I only have 3 S's)
95. M.Unger C Seattle (not on my list, I have 5 C's)
94. D.Washinton OLB Arizona (on my list, higher)
93. A. Boldin WR San Francisco (not on my list, which is over represented at WR with 15)
92. G.McCoy DT Tampa (not on my list, I have 7 DTs, he would be #8)
91. T. Polamalu S Pit (on my list, higher)

My List:
(The five who just missed 101. Tony Romo, 102 Russell Wilson 103 Mario Williams 104 Mike Iupati 105 Ed Reed)

100. CJ Spiller RB Buffalo
99.  A. Hernandez TE New England
98.  C. Myers C Houston
97. C. Nicks G Tampa
96. J. Ratliff DT Dallas
95.  J. Long T StL
94. D. Bryant WR Dallas
 93. M. Yanda T Baltimore
92.  B. Flowers CB Kansas City
91.  I. Taylor CB Pittsburgh

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