Thursday, March 21, 2013

This is the kind of thing that's going to get me to start tweeting.

I watch a lot of Bravo; I'd say that probably, at this point in my life, I watch as much Bravo as ESPN but that would be untrue as I absolutely watch as much Bravo as ESPN.

Bravo's got it's own vocabulary, filled with terms both used by and which can properly be applied to the characters who make up the programming.  If I raise my finger and say "Bloop" those conversant in the lingua franca know that I'm putting an exclamation on whatever point I'm making. "I got a Trump Check. Bloop" After the Super Bowl, Beyonce said she felt "Gone With the Wind Fabulous" - meaning she's bulletproof, beyond any critique.  "You say I watch too much Bravo?  I'm Gone With the Wind Fabulous."

This week, between myself and my lovely bride came the creation of two words.

1. Buddyguard.  That refers to the tendency Real Housewives have to bring a friend to events in order to deflect criticism and serve to voice thoughts they'd prefer come out of someone else's mouth.  Faye Resnick is Kyle Richards's buddyguard.

And that led to the seemingly obvious need for:

2. Bravocabulary - a way to compile said terminology.

If I tweet, I'm going to adopt the Jay Bilas strategy of following no one.  I can maybe get behind that.

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