2013 NCAA Basketball Brackets

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I made these picks here, using a slightly different method.

We'll start with the Midwest, giving the upsets.

Round of 64:
9. Missouri over 8. Colorado
12. Oregon over 5. Ok St
11. StM over 6. Memphis

I've got chalk the rest of the way.  That means Louisville.

Now the West.

Round of 64
11. Belmont over 6. Arizona
10. Iowa St. over 7. NDame

Round of 32
5. Wisconsin over 4. KSt.

Elite 8
5. Ohio St over 1. Gonz (note the replacement of Gonzaga in for Wisc from the hard bracket)

Round of 64
11. Minnesota d. 6. UCLA

Sweet 16
3. Florida d. 2. Georgetown

Elite 8
3. Florida d. 1. Kansas.  That means Florida.

Round of 64
14. Davidson d. 3. Marquette
10. Colorado d. 7. Illinois

Chalk the rest of the way.  That means Indiana.

Final Four
Florida d. Indiana
Louisville d. Wisconsin

National Title Game
Florida d. Louisville

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