Athlete of the Month - December 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

November was here.

Lionel Messi.  Runners-up: Adrian Peterson, Peyton Manning, Juan Manuel Marquez

That's it.  12 nominees for 2012 Athlete of the Year:

January-Courtney Upshaw
February-Eli Manning
March-Kevin Love
April-Brittney Griner 
May-Josh Hamilton
June-LeBron James
July-Mike Trout 
August - Usain Bolt
September - Andy Murray
October - Pablo Sandoval
November - Johnny Manziel
December - Lionel Messi

The 2012 Athlete of the Year Post will be tomorrow.


Blog said...

A shame that Adrian Peterson won't represent. Him breaking the all-time rushing record in 2012 would be like breaking the single season home run record in the post-steroid era.

Jim said...

It was a particularly competitive month.

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