2012-13 College Bowl Picks/NFL Picks Dec 16

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last week is here.

I’m 94-83-2 ATS. First, the NFL picks.  Then the bowls; you get (1) my outright winner for each game (2) you get those games that I’m picking ATS, I think there are 13, and, in bold, you get how I would rank each game in a confidence pool. 
Carolina +3 SD win
Dall +2 Pittsburgh win
Bears +3 GB loss
Niners +5.5 win
Jets +1.5 loss

Saturday, December 15th
25 Arizona  d. Nevada   win
24 Utah State d. Toledo win
Thursday, December 20th
9 BYU d. San Diego State win
Friday, December 21st
16 Central Florida d. Ball State win
Saturday, December 22nd
23 Boise State d. Washington win
30 Louisiana Lafayette -6, East Carolina win/win
Monday, December 24th
33 Fresno State d. SMU loss
Wednesday, December 26th
22 Western Kentucky -5.5 Central Michigan loss/loss
Thursday, December 27th
3 Baylor d. UCLA  win
34  Cincinnati -7 Duke win/win
31 San Jose State -6 Bowling Green win/win
Friday, December 28th
21 Louisiana Monroe d. Ohio loss
19 Rutgers +2.5 Virginia Tech loss/loss
27 Texas Tech d. Minnesota win
Saturday, December 29th
28  Arizona State d. Navy win
5 Michigan State d. TCU win
10 Oregon State d. Texas loss
6  Rice d. Air Force win
12 Syracuse  +4 West Virginia win/win
Monday, December 31st
11  Iowa State +5 Tulsa loss/loss
20 LSU d. Clemson loss
26 USC d. Georgia Tech loss
8 Vanderbilt d. North Carolina State win
Tuesday, January 1st
 13  Florida State d. Northern Illinois +13.5 win/loss
17 Georgia d. Nebraska win
29 Northwestern +2.5 Mississippi State win/win 
35  Oklahoma State d. Purdue win
15 South Carolina d. Michigan win
14 Stanford d. Wisconsin win
Wednesday, January 2nd
32  Florida d. Louisville loss
Thursday, January 3rd
2 Kansas State +9.5 Oregon loss/loss
Friday, January 4th
7 Oklahoma +4.5 Texas A&M loss/loss
Saturday, January 5th
18 Pittsburgh +3.5 Mississippi loss/loss
Sunday, January 6th
4 Kent State d. Arkansas State loss
Monday, January 7th
1 Notre Dame +10 Alabama loss/loss


Blog said...

MOTYC last night?

Jim said...

I'm going to say no if the reference is to TLC (I'll go 4 stars on the six man). I'll say yes if the reference is to Niners/Patriots (whew.) I'll say I don't know if the reference is to Steen/Generico, as I haven't seen it yet. I'm pretty sure that covers my bases.

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