Top 10 NFL Careers of Heisman Winners

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NFL Network just did a list of the top 10 careers of former Heisman winners.  I have it, but haven't watched yet.  In anticipation, here's my ranking

1.       Barry Sanders 
2.       Roger Staubach 
3.       OJ Simpson 
4.       Tony Dorsett 
5.       Marcus Allen 
6.       Charles Woodson 
7.       Jim Plunkett 
8.       Alan Ameche 
9.       Paul Hornung 
10.   Tim Brown 

That was my list - here's the NFL Network's list.

10. Cam Newton (That's stupid.)
9. Marcus Allen
8. Earl Campbell (behind both Walkers, Herschel and Doak, of guys not making my list).
7. Tim Tebow (I assume Jason White is number 6. Plunkett's not going to make their list.)
6. Tony Dorsett
5. Charles Woodson
4. Paul Hornung
3. OJ Simpson
2. Roger Staubach
1. Barry Sanders


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Blog said...

Both lists are missing Desmond Howard, the only man not on that list to win both the Heisman and Super Bowl MVP.

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