This Is Not a Mock Draft(Although it does include Mayock's/McShay's/Kiper's/Cosell's Mocks)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This isn’t a mock draft; I’m not listening to any more of the last week scuttlebutt than I have to.  I’m playing GM for each team in the first round.  Actually, I’m playing GM for as many selections as I have time for, as my schedule is tight.(I'm now watching Mayock's mock, I'll input his thoughts)(I've now read McShay's and Kiper's Wednesday night mocks, I'll include them.  And now I've read Greg Cosell's mock - like me, he isn't predicting, he's playing GM, he's the only person to change the order of the top two.)

1.       Indianapolis – Andrew Luck
-in the pre-season, I said (as a Niners fan) I’d rather lose every game this season so I could get Luck than lose in the NFC Title game.  I still feel that way.  I’ve been watching him kill my Trojans for years.  He’s the guy.(Cosell says RG3 first and Luck second.)

2.       Washington – Robert Griffin III
-I’ve got him third overall on my board, but he’s the pick here.

3.       Minnesota – Matt Kalil
-The Vikes have desperate needs at the two spots that are next on next on everyone’s board (after Richardson) tackle and corner.  I’d want to move down if I could get someone hot for Richardson, but in this spot, I’d feel good with either guy, but better with Kalil.(Mayock says Kalil, it's seemed that the Vikes were off that pick, but here it is)(McShay's Wednesday night mock, the last one I'll get to see, says Claiborne)(Mel=Claiborne)(Cosell says Gilmore, he and Mayock both have him super high on their boards)

4.       Cleveland – Trent Richardson
-I can’t get the card to the table fast enough.  He’s the number two player on my board.(He says Blackmon and says its a mistake)(McShay says Richardson.)(Mel=Richardson)(Cosell=Richardson.)

5.       Tampa – Morris Claiborne
-If Richardson falls he’s the pick.  If its Kalil who falls I look to move down a tick and get Kuechly.(Yup, if Richardson's still on the board, there he is)(McShay says Kuechly.)(Mel=Kalil)(Cosell=Jenkins, I have him, even with the off the field stuff, in my first round also - the Niners don't have a need at corner, but if Fleener's gone, I will be agitating for Jenkins)

6.       St Louis – Justin Blackmon
–If Kalil is still on the board, he’s the pick, otherwise its Blackmon(Claiborne's left for Mayock so he goes here)(McShay says Kalil.)(Mel=Blackmon)(Cosell=Cox, I'm unsure that's biggest need for Rams)

7.       Jacksonville – Melvin Ingram
-This has to be a pass rusher or a wide receiver; if Blackmon’s on the board he’s the pick, there’s some good pass rush value to be had in this draft.  Mayock’s pushed Chandler Jones all the way up his board into the top pass rush spot.  It’s too high for Floyd, I’ll take Ingram.(Mayock picks Ingram.)(McShay says Blackmon)(Mel has Eagles trading up to get Cox.)(Cosell=Claiborne)

8.       Miami – David DeCastro
-It’s both too early for Tannehill and I don’t hate the Dolphins quarterback situation.  If Blackmon’s on the board I take him.  I look to trade down if he’s not, because then I’m looking at Floyd or the best remaining offensive lineman.  Assuming Kalil is gone, I have DeCastro much higher on my board than others do, and he’s my pick. (Mayock says they take Tannehill, which is probably right, but like Mayock Tannehill's much lower on my board.)(McShay says Tannehill.) (Mel=Tannehill, again, I don't believe they will take DeCastro.  I would take DeCastro.)(Cosell=Tannehill)

9.       Carolina – Fletcher Cox
-Carolina needs a defensive tackle and they’re all available.  I’ve got Brockers a tick higher on my board but Cox is more ready.(Mayock says Cox.)(McShay=Gilmore)(Mel=Kuechly)(Cosell=Floyd)

10.   Buffalo – Riley Reiff
-I’ve got Floyd and Reiff comparably rated and those are the Bills needs; I think receiver’s deeper than OL and feel better about who I’ll get in the second if I go for the tackle now.(Mayock says Kuechly, which is good value)(McShay=Floyd.)(Mel=Floyd)(Cosell=Blackmon)

11.   Kansas City – Michael Brockers
-It’s tempting to take Kuechly, as he’s higher on my board, but who I need is a run stuffer on the line, and that’s Brockers.  If Kuechly becomes Urlacher that’s a bad beat.(I am wrong here, if Kuechly's available they take him.  Mayock says Barron, which doesn't seem like need, but its about time for Barron to go.)(McShay=Poe, which they might do - I have Brockers rated higher but the idea is the same)(Mel=DeCastro)(Cosell=Kuechly, I think that's how it plays out and its what they should do)

12.   Seattle – Luke Kuechly
-There’s going to be a pass rusher with their next pick – in the unlikely event that Kuechly is still on the board (he might go to Tampa) he doesn’t get past the Seahawks.(Mayock says Coples, who I've had Seattle taking all along, I don't know if he gives them the pass rush boost they want, assuming Kuechly's gone, I would advocate a trade down.)(McShay=Jones, note that Ingram's still on McShay's board.)(Mel=Jones)(Cosell=Ingram)

13.   Arizona – Michael Floyd
-It’s a little high to go get Glenn, so instead they get the wide receiver. (Reiff's still on Mayock's board, which is who I'd take also given that scenario)(McShay=Reiff). (Mel=Ingram)(Cosell=Kalil)

14.   Dallas – Mark Barron
-Late word is Dallas will have to move up to get him, but this is a really good fit. (Mayock says Brockers, who is the second DLineman on my board)(McShay=Barron)(Mel=Barron)(Cosell=Barron)

15.   Philadelphia – Shea McClellin
-Another fit pick, he’s got the inside/outside versatility the Eagles need.  I’d like to move down a little bit to take him if possible.(Mayock says Gilmore now that Samuel got traded, I think Philly has a hard time not taking a linebacker.)McShay=Cox)(Mel=Gilmore, Jaguars take him after the move down - you hear that Jax likes Gilmore, which, if true, makes a move down needed.)(Cosell=Jones)

16.   NY Jets – Courtney Upshaw
-Upshaw’s become a little undervalued, he’s going to be here and that’s who the Jets need.(Mayock says Floyd, and while the Jets do need a wide receiver there are a bunch of them - I think they take Upshaw)(McShay=Ingram)(Mel=Coples)(Cosell=Upshaw)

17.   Cincinnati – Cordy Glenn
-The Bengals should be looking CB/G with their two first round picks, DeCastro might still be on the board and the Bengals should leap all over him.  Gilmore and Kirkpatrick (and Jenkins) are all on the board, so I get the guard now, then take the corner with my next pick.(Mayock says Kirkpatrick, with DeCastro still on the board, and he probably will be, they have to get him)(McShay=Brockers)(Mel=Glenn)(Cosell=DeCastro)

18.   San Diego – Quentin Coples
-I’ve got a bad need for offensive linemen, if the Bengals don’t take Glenn I have to get him, but with Coples still on the board I can’t turn down that potential.(Mayock says Mercilus)(McShay=DeCastro)(Mel=Reiff, is it possible Reiff is still here for the Chargers?)(Cosell=Glenn)

19.   Chicago – Nick Perry
-Chicago’s in the same spot, they need an offensive lineman, they need a pass rusher – where the value is right now is in the latter. (Mayock says Chandler Jones, I like Perry more, but its the same idea - this is a spot where Seattle might be able to go to and still get their pass rusher)(McShay=Coples)(Mel=Mercilus)(Cosell=Wright)

20.   Tennessee – Stephon Gilmore
-The Bengals “wait on our corner” strategy is going to pay off, but they won’t get to choose from all the non Claiborne corners, most current projections have Gilmore long gone, he doesn’t get past the Titans.(Mayock says Hill, but they would take Kirkpatrick if the Bengals didn't - Mayock's doing the same thing the other way I did in my mock, saying that the Bengals will take the corner, and bet DeCastro's still there at 21)(McShay=Kirkpatrick)(Mel=Kirkpatrick)(Cosell=Mercilus)

21. Cincinnati – Dre Kirkpatrick
-if you’re a Bengal fan, particularly if DeCastro is still on the board at 17, you’re going to win round one.(Hah!  Got it right.  DeCastro.)(McShay=Hill)(Mel=Hill)(Cosell=Kirkpatrick)

22.Cleveland – Ryan Tannehill
-I’m tempted to take Fleener, but this is the meeting of need with value and you take the quarterback.(Mayock says Doug Martin, I just don't see how they pass up Richardson)(McShay=Glenn)(Mel=Weeden, which, given Tannehill's almost certainly not being here makes sense)(Cosell=Randle)

23. Detroit – Janoris Jenkins
-I need an offensive lineman, but I want to swing the bat at Jenkins’s talent given the dropoff at corner.(Mayock gives them Upshaw)(McShay=JMartin)(Mel=DMartin)(Cosell=MAdams, the drug positive takes Adams out of the first round)

24. Pittsburgh – Dontari Poe
-Like Tannehill, this is the meeting of potential and need. (Glenn's still on Mayock's board and that would be a good pick.)(McShay=Hightower)(Mel=Poe)(Cosell=Zeitler)

25. Denver – Jerel Worthy
-Top defensive tackle left on the board(Poe's still on Mayock's board, he goes here.)(McShay=Worthy)(Mel=Brockers, I have Brockers rated higher than most, but this is super value)(Cosell=Fleener, I thought about that, but they just signed two tight ends)

26-Houston-Kendall Wright
-Top WR left on the board(Mayock says Fleener, and were I their GM, I'd do that too, I really want him in San Francisco, and maybe closed my eyes a little)(McShay=Wright)(Mel=Fleener)(Cosell=Reiff)

27. New England – Chandler Jones
-Likely to be gone, as he’s considered a late riser, but he’s top pass rusher left on the board.(Mayock says Perry, we're thinking similarly.)(McShay=McClellin)(Mel=Upshaw)(Cosell=McClellin)

28. Green Bay-Doug Martin
-If Jones or Perry are on the board, that would make sense, I’ve got Miller higher on my board, but Martin’s a really attractive fit.(Martin's gone for Mayock - but McClellin's not, and he would go here is still on the board.)(McShay=Mercilus)(Mel=McClellin)(Cosell=Branch)

29. Baltimore – Dont’a Hightower
-Super fit, a good break for the Ravens(Mayock says Hightower.)(McShay=Upshaw)(Mel=Hightower)(Cosell=Hightower, it's a clean sweep)

30. San Francisco – Coby Fleener
-As a Niner fan, this isn’t our area of need, we need a guard and guards are available – but the value here is just too great to pass up and I’m going to be looking to move up into the middle of round two.(Fleener's gone in Mayock's mock and I think more than likely actually gone - which means guard, but he has us taking Wright.  I'd be unhappy with that result.)(McShay=Zeitler)(Mel=Zeitler)(Cosell=Konz, if Fleener and Zeitler are both gone, that seems like the most likely result)

31. New England – Stephen Hill
-With Jones in hand, I feel good about taking the developmental guy with the second pick.(Mayock says Harrison Smith, and if Hill's gone, as he is in Mayock's mock, that's what I'd do too.)(McShay=Smith)(Mel=Smith)(Cosell=Brockers - if the Patriots get Jones and Brockers, they win the first round.)

32. NY Giants – Peter Konz
Best lineman left on the board(Mayock says Jonathan Martin, who would be my second choice.)(McShay=Fleener).(Mel=Massie)(Cosell=Doug Martin)

That's all I got.  Enjoy the draft.  

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Anonymous said...

I do hope that Kuechly falls. My frame of reference is limited, but I like him over the four or five other names who show up for us.

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