The Top 10 Teams That Didn't Win a Super Bowl

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last night, NFL Network did a ranking of the ten best teams never to win a Super Bowl (from the Super Bowl era).

NFL Network List:
1. 2007 Patriots
2. 1968 Colts
3. 1990 Bills
4. 1998 Vikings
5. 1981 Chargers
6. 2001 Rams
7. 1986 Browns
8. 1984 Dolphins
9. 1979 Oilers
10. 1983 Redskins

Using the same pythagorean+strength of schedule number that I used in ranking every Super Bowl winner, here's my list:

1. 2007 Patriots 20.1
2. 1968 Colts 17.9
3. 1969 Vikings 17.6
4. 2010 Patriots 15.4
5. 1976 Steelers 15.3
5. 1967 Raiders 15.3
7. 1970 Vikings 15.1
8. 1998 Vikings 14.9
9. 1968 Raiders 14.3
10. 1968 Chiefs 14


Blog said...

The 1962 Packers would wipe the grass with all of them.

Jim said...

Just teams from the SB era are considered.

Blog said...

That is true! And still doesn't change the fact that the 1962 Packers would wipe the grass with all of them (or, for that matter, the 1929 Packers, leather helmets and all)

Unknown said...

The 2012 packers should be added to the list

Jim said...

The 2011 Packers number was 11.4, so they aren't close to this list.

Jea Miller said...

What about the 2003 Carolina Panthers? Not even mentioned in the ones that could but didn`t make the list. Yet the pathetic Jaguars were mentioned... Until Carolina wins a Superbowl it's going to forever rain footballs being kicked out of bounds.

Jea Miller said...

A few of these teams already won a Superbowl, picking favorites much? It's people like you who make it hard for newer teams to stay in their cities. Fair weather douche bags.

Jea Miller said...

This should have been a blog, but instead, reflects the opinions of professionals of the NFL and the NFL Network. The Eagles didn't make this list? 4 tries, 2 SB losses and no SB wins...Yet your beloved 2008 Patriots were number 1 yet they have won 3 within a 7 year period. Can I have your job?

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