Prime 9 - Third Basemen. The 9 Greatest Third Basemen of All Time

Monday, January 9, 2012

900 post 19th century games at third was the cutoff for MLB Network, that means no Allen/Molitor, I'll add two to my list. My top 200 is here.

MLB Network List
1. Schmidt
2. Mathews
3. Brett
4. Jones
5. Boggs
6. Robinson
7. Rodriguez
8. Santo
9. Baker

My List
1. Schmidt
2. Mathews
3. Boggs
4. Jones
5. Brett
6. Allen
7. Santo
8. Rolen
9. Molitor

Robinson and Evans would join my list to replace the two MLB would exclude from consideration. Robinson's OPS+ was 104, I can't rank him as high as does MLB.  I didn't consider ARod for third since I have him as a shortstop.  Baker was a better per game player than Darrell Evans, but had only 60% of the career; longevity would get my nod there.  I don't feel strongly about the Boggs/Jones/Brett order.

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Anonymous said...

No Pie Traynor ????

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